News · 2 Dec 2020

All-new chat feature for quicker lost & found returns

Found an item that a customer has left behind in your vehicle? 

Reporting such lost & found cases are often time consuming - taking an average of 2.5 hours to be resolved.

To help speed up the process, we’re introducing a new chat feature where you can reach out to the customer directly to arrange for the item to be returned.


⏰ This feature will be available from 10 December 2020. Be sure to update your Gojek driver app to the latest version! 

How does it work?

  • The chat feature allows you to communicate with your customer for up to 2 hours after the trip is completed.
  • You can exchange contact details* if you require more time to return the item 
  • The chat history will be available for 24 hours from trip completion.

*You are responsible for any personal information you choose to share with your customer. 

How to use it?

Step 1: Go to Chat History

Step 2: Select the order to begin your chat with the customer

Chatting with the customer

Step 3: If you need to access trip details, tap the top right icon of the chat session

Step 4: Any new messages from other customers will trigger an in-app notification

Note: The chat duration cannot be extended after 2 hours, so do arrange for a way to return the items before the chat expires.

If you would like to report a potential misuse of this feature, you may do so via order history > go to the order and select Need Help > reporting misuse of Gojek’s services


Q: What if I have a back-to-back order/am on a trip?

A: You will still be notified on any chats from the customer on the previous completed trip. 

However for your safety, the chat notifications will be muted after you have picked up your next customer (swipe on “I have picked up the customer”)

You may continue to chat with your customer after you have completed your next trip, provided it is still within the 2-hour validity period.

Q: Will I still be compensated for my time and effort to return the item to the customer?

A: We would strongly encourage the customer to offer a token of appreciation.

Q: Help! My customer is harassing me on the chat. 

A: To report a misuse of this feature, please go to Order History > select the Order > Tap on Need Help > Reporting misuse of Gojek’s services. 

Our team will make an outreach to you and the customer. Meanwhile, please do not reply to the customer – the chat will expire in 2 hours.

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