News · 4 Sep 2020

Hundreds of driver-partners have been supported by Gojek Partner Support Fund

Earlier in March this year, Gojek established the Gojek Partner Support Fund under the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation to make a positive difference in the lives of Gojek’s more than 2 million partners across the region. 

🇸🇬 Gojek Singapore employees also contributed to support our driver-partners who have been keeping this little red dot moving safely.

Thank you for your continued support

During the pandemic outbreak, we recognized the amount of time, effort and sacrifices that had to be made to consistently ferry customers from point to point. As an appreciation to more than 700 driver-partners who have been actively doing their part for the community, including loyal and high performing drivers, we rolled out a series of benefits with the focus on meeting immediate needs.

We distributed grocery vouchers, meals, and fuel vouchers with the aim of providing immediate relief to drivers and their families. 

🛒 $30,000 in grocery vouchers

Nearly $30,000 in grocery vouchers were distributed to help with living expenses. With the e-vouchers, driver-partners were able to get groceries safely delivered to their doorstep for them and their families. 

🍱 A week’s worth of free meals 

To further appreciate loyal driver-partners on our platform for their continued support, we offered them and their family a week's worth of free meals which were generously contributed by Gojek employees. 

Gojek GM, Lien (right), also personally thanked driver-partners for their hard work while distributing the meals with Gojek employees.

⛽ More than $10,000 in fuel vouchers 

Fuel costs form the highest overheads when it comes to driving, especially if you’re constantly on the road. To help defray these costs, the Gojek team distributed fuel vouchers to active driver-partners who could use them at any 62 Esso stations islandwide. 

It has been a trying 2020. We hope that in some ways, these additional support would have provided some relief and helped to ease your burdens. Thank you for doing your part for the community – we salute you as the nation’s frontline heroes. 

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