News · 29 May 2020

A message to drivers from Gojek GM, Lien

🎧 Listen to Lien's audio message here

Dear driver-partners,

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted people and businesses around the world. Closer to home, we’ve experienced disruptions to our daily lives, and had to adjust to new norms as part of measures to keep the community safe.

During these trying times, many of you have been continuing to toil on the road to keep Singapore moving safely. We recognize your hard work and sacrifices - and we appreciate all of you as the nation’s frontline heroes who are doing your part for the community, including our Muslim driver-partners who have been working during the Ramadan month of fasting.

At the same time, we understand that your livelihoods have been impacted and it has been a challenge to make ends meet.

Safeguarding your livelihood

This is why we have implemented a series of support measures for you since the start of the outbreak. They include providing additional financial assistance to supplement the government’s Special Relief Fund, medical leave insurance, waiver of vehicle rentals, and GoalBetter tier protection.

When the Circuit Breaker kicked in and further impacted demand and earnings, we stepped up our efforts to support yourselves and your families, including distributing grocery vouchers to defray your living expenses, and providing more earning opportunities through the delivery of essential items.

On top of these, we also thought about how to improve your overall well-being, so we partnered with various organisations to offer discounted meals and other wellness perks such as complimentary exercises and financial literacy sessions.

These efforts to try and make your days better can be read in more detail here

Every decision to protect your livelihoods and well-being has not been an easy one to make - with the ride-hailing industry also taking a hit in this pandemic and Gojek's business not being spared. Our support measures have only been made possible by rechanneling our resources, as well as new funding from multiple sources, including voluntary donations by Gojek employees, and a redirection of organization-wide planned annual salary increases. Gojek’s senior leaders are also standing in solidarity with you, having taken pay cuts to fund some of the relief initiatives. While these measures will not make up for your loss in earnings, I hope that in some ways, they help to ease your worries.

As we approach the end of the Circuit Breaker - after which demand should pick up progressively - we know that challenges will remain in supporting yourselves and your loved ones. We have therefore recently made yet another firm decision to extend service fee rebates till 28 June, so that you can continue to increase your take-home earnings and ride out these challenging times. 

Lien with Gojek driver-partners at a 2019 National Day event, a reminder that better times are ahead.

Looking ahead

Gojek is hopeful that better days are ahead. We’re excited to announce that improvements to the Gojek app are in the pipeline to provide you with an even better driving experience. You can also look forward to enhanced benefits under GoalBetter - Gojek’s driver loyalty program - not just for you, but your family members too. Finally, stay tuned for new engagement initiatives to help you stay better connected with the Gojek family, especially amidst COVID-19.

Rest assured that Gojek will ride out this crisis with you and emerge a stronger, safer and more reliable platform for commuters and drivers. 

Thank you once again for your support and doing your part to keep our nation moving safely. Please continue to stay safe and be well.

Lien Choong Luen

General Manager of Gojek Singapore

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