News · 20 Jul 2020

Top 10 driver issues you can solve with the Driver app

Are you calling in to the driver care hotline because:

  • You have a request to cancel your current order? (Self-help here)
  • You want to edit your vehicle details? (Self-help here)
  • You are wondering why you are receiving fewer order requests? 

Calling in to voice support takes up to 15 minutes, inclusive of wait time in the call queue as well as time taken to speak with a support agent. 

We know that time = money.

That is why we have enhanced our in-app help centre to make it quicker and more convenient for you to get the help you need! Top requests such as the above, as well as other common driver issues can actually be solved with the Driver app. 

Why use in-app help?

It’s more convenient 

All you need to do is submit a request or enquiry in just a few taps. It might take awhile to get familiar with how to access the request forms, but it’s a fuss-free way to meet your support needs.

It’s quicker 

No more waiting in the call queue! Skip that process and submit a request instantly, giving you more time to drive and earn. Our support agents will get back to you as soon as possible upon request submission.

Most of these support issue requests can be accessed through the following driver in-app screens:

  1. Main screen
  2. Ongoing order screen
  3. Order history screen

Elimination of voice support from 3 August 2020

The enhancement of our in-app help centre means that voice support will no longer be available from 3 August. This will help us to rechannel our resources to better meet your support needs, and to continue providing you with reliable service.

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