News · 20 Jul 2020

A self-help guide for your support needs

We’re bringing you more convenience with self-help functions within the Driver app! Our in-app help centre has been enhanced to make it quicker and more convenient for you to report an issue – giving you more time to drive and earn.

Here’s where you should navigate within the app to request for assistance regarding common issues that driver-partners face.

From the main screen

Access help to the following top issues through the main screen:

  • No order enquiries 
  • Edit vehicle info (🔎 Full guide here)
  • Incentive enquiries
  • Suspension appeals 
  • Income/payment statement
  • Update bank account details 

Step 1: Tap on your profile button to access the Help Centre

Step 2: Select “Help” to access the help menu

Step 3: Select any of the options for your support needs

From ongoing order screen 

Access help for the most common requests: 

  • Request to cancel order (🔎 Full guide here)
  • App issue during a trip 

Step 1: Swipe up at the ongoing order screen

Step 2: Select the “Help” button

Step 3: Select “GoCar” in the menu

From order history screen

Access help to the following top issues through the order history screen:

  • Reporting an issue with customer
  • ERP claims
  • Payments & fare-related issues

Step 1: Select “Order history” 

Step 2: Select “Help” on any past orders to report an issue 

Step 3: Select any of the issue options regarding your order

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