News · 20 Jan 2022

👍 System cancellation within the Driver app

Important: Please use the new cancellation quota feature in the GoPartner app instead of system cancellations to request for cancellations without impacting your performance. 

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You’ve arrived at the pick up point and you notice your customer carrying a pet, or a family of more than 4. What should you do? 

We know it can be frustrating to have to cancel such bookings made by customers, which impacts your performance unnecessarily. 

As an added protection for you, we have allowed driver-partners to request for 7 cancellations per week without affecting their performance. That means you can focus on driving and hitting your incentive targets!

What’s new?

You can now request for a system cancellation within the Driver app without having to call in! With this added convenience, you get to save more time and maximize your earnings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request for a system cancellation:

Step 1: Swipe up at the ongoing order screen 

Step 2: Select the "Help" button

Step 3: Select "GoCar" in the menu

Step 4: Under the menu options, select "I want to request for a system cancellation" 

Step 5: Select from a dropdown list of cancellation reasons and tap "Submit"

Step 6: Confirmation screen after submission

What happens after submitting your request?

You will receive an auto notification almost immediately to inform you if your booking has been successfully or unsuccessfully canceled. 

Please be reminded that you are limited to 7 system cancellations per week that would not affect your performance (starting every Monday 12:00AM to Sunday 11:59PM). Requests after 7 system cancellations will affect your performance – so do be mindful!

Keep calm and drive on!

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