News · 8 Apr 2022

GoCar Premium: A dedicated service for exceptional earnings

Look forward to exceptional earnings with your top-notch vehicles.

Introducing GoCar Premium - a new service type exclusively for premium vehicle models.

From 14 February, 2PM, driver-partners with premium vehicle models* will progressively be able to accept GoCar Premium trips in addition to GoCar trips.

*Updated as of 17 February 2022

Have a premium vehicle? You’ll be able to enjoy:


Enjoy 30-50% higher earnings with GoCar Premium trips compared to GoCar trips, on top of ALL the same current incentives!


Exceed expectations by providing excellent service with this dedicated service type. Take your customers on a ride to remember, with unparalleled service with your top of the line vehicle.

Please ensure that you have updated your GoPartner app to the 1.15.3 version or later to be allocated GoCar Premium trips. 

Read on for more details.

How to accept GoCar Premium trips

Only driver-partners whose vehicles are in this list of vehicle models will be allocated GoCar Premium trips. 

This will happen progressively and automatically from 14 February 2022 onwards. 

To be able to accept GoCar Premium trips, please ensure that your GoPartner driver app has been updated to version 1.15.3 or later. No further actions are required.

Note: Driver-partners will not be able to opt out of accepting GoCar Premium trips to ensure a consistent supply of GoCar Premium cars.

How does GoCar Premium differ from GoCar trips?

Accepting a GoCar Premium booking

To differentiate the GoCar Premium trip from a regular GoCar trip, look out for this logo:

The process of accepting and completing a GoCar Premium trip is the same as a GoCar trip. 

Before picking up the customer:

After accepting the trip:

After completing the trip:

You will also see “GoCar Premium” reflected in your Transaction history for GoCar Premium trips.

GoCar Premium fees and incentives

Service and Platform Fees

There will be no difference in service and platform fees. GoCar Premium trips will be subject to the same fees as GoCar: $0.70 platform fee and 10% service fee.

Additional Fees

GoCar Premium trips will be eligible for the same additional fees as GoCar trips:

  • Multi-Destination fee of $4 (subject to 10% service fee)
  • Edit Destination fee of $3 (subject to 10% service fee)
  • Cancellation fee of $4 (no service fee)


All GoCar Premium trips will qualify for the same incentives as GoCar trips, so every trip brings you closer to bigger earnings!


💰 $3 for far pick-ups

GoCar Premium trips will also be eligible for the $3 flat fee for far pick-ups above 3km.

💰 Daily peak hour earning boosters

There will be no difference in peak hour points between GoCar Premium trips and GoCar trips. All GoCar Premium trips will receive 1 base point and will be eligible for peak hour bonus points. 

💰 Monthly loyalty service fee rebates

GoCar Premium trips will count towards the minimum monthly trips required for the monthly loyalty service fee rebates of up to 25%!

More details:


Q: Which vehicle models will be considered as eligible for GoCar Premium trips? 

A: The following vehicle models in this list will be considered as eligible for GoCar Premium trips.

The following Premium taxi models will also be eligible for GoCar Premium trips:

Toyota Vellfire, Toyota Alphard

Mercedes-Benz E Class, Mercedes-Benz Viano, Mercedes-Benz V220d

View the full list below:

Q: How can I inform Gojek if I have recently changed my vehicle to a premium vehicle?

A: Ensure that your vehicle information is up to date in GoPartner by using “Edit Vehicle Information”. Your eligibility for GoCar Premium trips will automatically change based on your vehicle model.

Q: How will I know if my trip is a GoCar Premium trip?

A: Please look out for the GoCar Premium icon on your booking screen.

Q: Will GoCar Premium trips be counted in the monthly trips requirement for the monthly loyalty bonus?

A: Yes, GoCar Premium trips will be included in the calculation for the monthly loyalty bonus.

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