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[UPDATED] Enhanced support: Extension of service fee rebates till 28 Jun

Updated as of 28 May 2020

As Singapore comes to the end of the Circuit Breaker on 1 June, we look forward to the gradual re-opening of more businesses and resumption of daily activities. During the country’s three-phased approach to safely exit the Circuit Breaker, we recognize that challenges will remain for driver-partners as demand progressively picks up. 

To continue protecting your earnings, we will further extend service fee rebates for all driver-partners till 28 June, in line with the duration of Phase One, also known as Safe Re-opening. The service fee rebates will increase your take-home earnings on every trip, with no additional requirements from you. 

This latest extension of service fee rebates was not an easy decision, but was made with you in mind based on a robust assessment of current market conditions and driver-partner needs. We hope that the rebates will provide you with enhanced support as Gojek’s weekly support supplement scheme concludes on 31 May. 

We are continuing to closely monitor market conditions and your needs in this unpredictable climate and may adjust our measures where required. Our commitment remains to do our best to support you and your families during this period. 

In addition to the extension of service fee rebates, other ongoing support measures that we’ve put in place for you include: 

  • Prolonged medical leave insurance
  • Waiver of fleet vehicle rental if quarantined
  • GoalBetter tier protection
  • Extended Special Relief Fund
  • F&B and wellness perks 

Full details can be found here

[Extended] Up to 100% service fee rebates (6 April—28 June)

Until 28 June, all driver-partners will continue to receive up to 100% service fee rebates, with no minimum trip or performance requirements. You will be charged a 20% service fee upfront and will get the service fee rebate paid out every following Tuesday into your Earnings Wallet.


Total fares = $100

Service fee = $20 (20% x $100)

If you are a Gold tier member, you will receive service fee rebates of $16 (80% x $20).

Driver-partners on GoFleet will receive 100% service fee rebates, with no tier or trip requirements.

*Driver-partners without a tier status will automatically receive service fee rebates of 60%.

We remain committed to protect your well-being, no matter the season. Rest assured that we will continue to review and enhance our support measures for you and your families.  

Thank you for your support and pushing through these tough times with us to keep Singapore moving safely.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs below. 


Q: When will I receive my payout?

A: You will be charged a 20% service fee upfront and will receive the service fee rebate paid out every following Tuesday into your Earnings Wallet.

Q: What happens to my current incentive scheme?

A: With the enhanced safe distancing measures put in place, overall demand for ride-hailing will inevitably reduce. As a result, our current incentive schemes — Points incentives, Flash incentives, MWE, GoFleet incentives, as well as Taxi incentives — are no longer the best way for us to provide you with competitive and sustainable earnings. 

As such, all incentive schemes have been put on hold since 10 April 2020 and a series of circuit breaker support measures have been implemented to more effectively safeguard your livelihoods. GoFleet incentives have been on hold since 6 April 2020.

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