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COVID-19: Special Relief Fund for Gojek driver-partners

On 13 February 2020, the Ministry of Transport and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced the Special Relief Fund (SRF) under the Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP) for all Taxi and Private Hire Drivers in Singapore. For more information on the PPSP, refer here.

Special Relief Fund: Contribution from Government 

Driver-partners can receive $10 per day per vehicle if they have met LTA’s requirements. There is no additional requirement from Gojek. Refer to LTA's website for the full terms and conditions. 

Special Relief Fund: Gojek Care Fund

Gojek is also committed to provide additional financial support under Gojek’s Care Fund. 

Additional support by Gojek (GoalBetter)                                              

Under our GoalBetter benefits program, driver-partners who meet GoalBetter’s requirements will receive additional support of up to $49 per week. This payout will be based on your GoalBetter tier in Q1 2020.

As an added appreciation and support, Platinum and Gold tier driver-partners will automatically qualify for Gojek's Care Fund.


Additional support by Gojek (GoFleet)

Driver-partners with GoFleet can also receive additional support of up to $21 per week as long as they remain active on the GoFleet program from 2 March 2020 onwards.

Please refer to the below for more information on eligibility requirements and payout amounts:


What’s next: Platform nomination for Government support

To facilitate eligibility screening for the government’s support of $10 per day per vehicle, Gojek has already provided the necessary data to LTA. 

If you are eligible for government’s support, you will be given the option to nominate Gojek as your platform of choice to receive the payout. 

Nomination details will be shared shortly. 

Please note: 

  • You can only nominate ONE platform to provide the payout.
  • Payouts may be delayed if you nominate after the nomination window.

Please refer to the below for more details: 

Things to note

  • Eligible driver-partners will receive notification of their payout every week on Thursday.
  • Eligible driver-partners can expect the first weekly payout from 12 March 2020
  • Eligible driver-partners whose accounts become permanently suspended will cease to receive payouts from the day of suspension.


Q: How will you receive your payout? 

A: The Government's SRF payout will be credited to your bank account registered with Gojek, and may take 5 to 7 days for the payout to be reflected in your bank account. If you have not received your payout after 7 days, please contact Gojek at +65 3135 3135.

Gojek's Care Fund will be credited to your driver Earnings Wallet.


Q: What if my GoalBetter tier changes in the next program period in April 2020?

A: Not to worry, your GoalBetter tier in Q1 2020 will be used to determine the SRF payout from 2 March to 30 May 2020.


Q: What if I do not qualify for the payout? Where can I seek help?

A: You will have the option to tap into the Government & NTUC Driver Care Fund jointly set up by the Government and NTUC. More details will be shared shortly.

Q: I do not qualify for the SRF, can I still be eligible for Gojek’s Care Fund?
Yes! As an added appreciation and support, all Platinum and Gold Tier driver-partners will automatically qualify for Gojek's Care Fund. Refer to the table above for the payout amount.

Q: If I do not qualify for Gojek’s Care Fund this week (>=50 trips/week requirement), will I still be eligible next week?

A: Yes! You will still be eligible as long as you meet the requirement of at least 50 trips per week and maintain an 80% weekly average performance. Trip count resets every Monday at 1AM.

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