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With you in every season

Updated as of 4 Sep 2020

Dear driver-partners, 

These are extraordinary times that we’re living in as a nation. Amidst the uncertainty, one thing that remains unchanged is our commitment to you, our driver-partners. We recognize the challenges that you’ve been facing, and we want to assure you that we’re in this with you. 

Thank you for your resilience, patience, and sacrifices - no words can express our appreciation for your continued support. Gojek General Manager, Lien, shares a message with all driver-partners on his hopes as we look ahead to better days.

Here’s all that we’ve done and will continue to do to support you and safeguard your livelihood during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Safeguarding your livelihoods  

Extension of up to 100% service fee rebates 

As Singapore comes to the end of the Circuit Breaker on 1 June, we recognize that challenges will remain for driver-partners as demand progressively picks up in the country’s three-phased approach to safely exit the Circuit Breaker.

To continue protecting your earnings, Gojek will further extend service fee rebates for all driver-partners till 28 June, in line with the duration of Phase One, also known as Safe Re-opening.

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Extended Circuit Breaker support measures

In line with the extension of the nation’s Circuit Breaker till 1 June, Gojek has also extended our support measures to protect your livelihood, along with additional relief to assist you during these trying times.

  • Extension of up to 100% service fee rebates till 1 June
  • Distribution of more than S$30,000 grocery vouchers to eligible driver-partners

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Circuit Breaker support measures

The most stringent set of measures aimed at tackling the COVID-19 pandemic came into effect on 7 April. We reached out to many of you to understand how this has impacted you, and how we can better safeguard your livelihoods with enhanced support measures during the circuit breaker period from 7 April to 4 May. 

Based on your feedback, we rolled out these measures that will increase your take-home earnings on every trip, with no additional requirements from you:

  • Up to 100% in service fee rebates 
  • Reduced criteria for GCF weekly payout from 50 to 35 weekly trips

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Gojek driver-partner care package 

When the COVID-19 outbreak first hit our shores, we made a plan to provide support to driver-partners who would be unable to drive because they have either been issued a Quarantine Order (QO) or Stay Home Notice (SHN), or are on medical leave. This support would be provided in addition to the government’s Quarantine Order Allowance Scheme to better protect your earnings. 

The package includes:

Prolonged medical leave insurance

Eligible driver-partners will be covered with up to $1,040.

Waiver of vehicle rental 

Driver-partners who rented a vehicle from our GoFleet partners will have their rental waived for the period of quarantine. 

GoalBetter tier protection

Driver-partners had their tier protected for the next program period to continue enjoying benefits from GoalBetter.

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Additional relief to supplement your earnings

Delivery opportunities

As part of our planned efforts to protect your livelihood, we have partnered with a number of organisations to provide you with earning opportunities in the delivery of essential items. This will help to increase your take home earnings during this COVID-19 period.

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Extended Special Relief Fund

The Special Relief Fund (SRF) will be extended by 4.5 months under the second tranche of the Point-to-Point Support Package (PPSP) as announced by DPM on 26 March 2020. Eligible driver-partners can receive payouts from 31 May to 12 October 2020.  

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Special Relief Fund

We’ve been working closely with the authorities to ensure that driver-partners can receive earnings support during this challenging period, through the Special Relief Fund. Eligible driver-partners can receive up to $140 a week in payouts from 2 March to 30 May 2020.  

From Government:

Eligible driver-partners can receive up to $70 per week per vehicle, with no additional requirements from Gojek. 

From Gojek:

Eligible driver-partners can receive up to $70 per week per driver.

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More support to get you through

Gojek Partner Support Fund

Earlier in March this year, Gojek established the Gojek Partner Support Fund under the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation to make a positive difference in the lives of Gojek’s more than 2 million partners across the region. 

🇸🇬 Gojek Singapore employees also contributed to support our driver-partners who have been keeping this little red dot moving safely.

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Free car sanitization

In the spirit of creating even safer rides for everyone as trip volumes increase post-Circuit Breaker, all Gojek driver-partners will be offered free car sanitization to better protect you and your customers. Check your Driver app or Gojek's Telegram channel for more details. 

F&B and wellness perks

To further help you tide through this period, we’ve partnered with various organisations to offer additional perks for all driver-partners, such as: 

  • Exclusive value meals at Burger King
  • 10% off takeaways at Typhoon Cafe, Eat at Taipei & Flaming Don
  • 25% off POP store vitamin subscriptions

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Online engagements 

🔘 Guided fitness workouts

We recognize the importance of staying active to stay well, so we partnered with Active Health and ActiveSG to bring driver-partners and their family free workout sessions during the extended Circuit Breaker, guided by an Active Health coach. 

🔘 Financial literacy sessions

To help driver-partners build a resilient financial plan in the midst of uncertainties, we teamed up with DBS to roll out financial literacy sessions that drivers can participate in for free. 

Tips on best practices

We have been strengthening our educational outreach to you around awareness, prevention, and protection measures related to COVID-19 - including tips on the best health and hygiene practices to protect yourself and your loved ones, and an exclusive health quiz on Gojek’s official Telegram channel. 

Mask distribution

As early as in January, we have been actively distributing surgical masks for driver-partners to ensure safer rides. The mask distribution continued even through the Lunar New Year holidays, thanks to our colleagues (hidden masked heroes!) at GoHub.  

We will continue to work with the relevant authorities to support you during this season, and find more ways to safeguard your livelihoods. Thank you once again for staying with us and pushing through these unprecedented times. We’ll get through this together.

Important resources

With an increasing number of support measures available to help those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, we understand that it may be difficult to keep track of what you may be eligible for. To make it easy and convenient for you to learn and access these important information, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources that are relevant to you. Channels 

🔘 Website:

🔘 WhatsApp channel:

🔘 Telegram channel: 

🔘 Twitter channel:

Other resources

🔘 Travel declaration:

🔘 Temperature taking:

🔘 Latest updates from MOH:

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