Movies to watch this festive season: a Christmas guide by Gojek
Movies to watch this festive season: a Christmas guide by Gojek
23 Feb 2024

There’s never a better time to embrace all things sappy than during Christmas, and no better way to do that than watching the best (worst) films. Here’s our list of our must-watch tinsel-filled movies for the season – get ready to cozy up.


Love Actually 

Does this movie say much at all about the spirit of giving? No. Is it vaguely problematic? Try very. Do we still love it? Absolutely. It’s something to do with seeing a very charming cast make their way through London while pretending to be in love – the glitter, snow, and dancing Hugh Grant definitely make it all better.


A human orphan climbs into Santa’s sack and ends up being raised as an elf. Later on he learns about his human parents, then makes his way to New York, where he miraculously lands a job and falls in love with Zooey Deschanel. If this sounds like a load of whack, it’s because it definitely is – and you should watch it anyway. 



The only movie on this list that’s released this year – and quite possibly one of the few that’s unironically good –, Klaus tells the tale of a postman and toymaker becoming friends in a town that’s full of jaded bitter families. It’s warm. It’s beautiful, it's tender, and it reminds us that Christmas movies are sometimes a miracle.


A Christmas Prince

Undercover journalist Amber gets sent to Aldovia, where she falls in love with the crown prince, a brooding playboy who of course, naturally, isn’t quite the player he seems to be. It’s a classic tale of boy-meets-girl. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t do her job, he proposes, she says yes. It is 100% worse than it sounds, and there are already two sequels waiting for you. 


Skip the movie and take a Gojek out instead! We’ll be expecting high demand all through the festive season; make sure to schedule your Christmas plans accordingly. 


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