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Singapore’s best art galleries: a guide by Gojek

Think it’s time to get cultured? Everyone could benefit from a day of art appreciation – here’s where you can find the créme de la créme of the regional art scene.

Image from: Facebook – The Parkview Museum Singapore

The Parkview Museum

Where: Parkview Square

Set up in Singapore’s very own Gotham building, the artwork in this museum focuses on the contemporary – be they solo shows or thematic exhibitions. The current exhibition ‘Disturbing Narratives’ subverts all that is perceived as normal in today’s society.

Image from: Gajah Gallery

Gajah Gallery

Where: 39 Keppel Road

This industrial-warehouse-turned-gallery houses work from the region’s leading artists and emerging talents. With experience that spans over 20 years, and a strong focus in critical discourse, Gajah also holds exhibition tours and dialogue sessions with curators.

Image from: STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery

STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery

Where: 41 Robertson Quay

This creative-workshop-meets-art gallery puts the emphasis on artistic experimentation on print and paper. While Takashi Murakami’s ‘From Superflat to Bubblewrap’ ends this week, Pinaree Santipak’s ‘Fragmented Bodies: The Personal and The Public’ comes next – Santipak’s works reconsiders and reinvents age-old symbols of the body, and the spaces it occupies.

Image from: ION Art


Where: ION Orchard Mall

Just because you’re partaking in your usual routine of shopping doesn’t mean you have to skip on being arty farty. The exhibition space sits on the fourth floor of ION, with traveling installations and events throughout the year. 

Image from: LUMAS Galerie Singapore

LUMAS Galerie Singapore

Where: Paragon Shopping Centre

If fine art doesn’t just cut it for you, here’s some you could actually buy and bring home to appreciate. LUMAS stocks up on over 4,000 iconic photographs and vintage prints in limited quantities – just enough to keep it friendly for the wallet.

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