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GoSure Information
The most effortless and reliable way to insure all the things you love from your Gojek app.

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How To Use GoSure

How To Use GoSure
How To Use GoSure
How To Use GoSure
How To Use GoSure
How To Use GoSure

Go to GoSure in Gojek

Open the Gojek app and tap on the GoSure icon that looks like a shield


Choose your insurance

You will see a selection of insurance that is currently offered


Proceed to pick the coverage based on need

Select the details of the coverage that you intend to purchase


Enter your personal information and click the “Pay with GoPay”

Fill in with your information and you are set


Feel relieved that your valuables are protected

Congratulations! You can sigh a breath of relief because we got your valuables covered. Be sure to look of for a confirmation message and email after your transaction is successful