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Why GoFood?

food delivery service, order food online, affordable, 24 hours

You can now enjoy the GoFood service in 74 cities across Indonesia!

food delivery service, order food online, affordable, 24 hours
We will keep expanding our service areas, so people all across Indonesia can conveniently order their favourite food! Whilst also helping SMEs to reach the market so they can further flourish.

We have lotttttts of merchant partners

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550,000 merchants in Indonesia ready to deliver a variety of food right in front of your doorstep!
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Order GoFood = contribution to society

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Do you realize that your order improve the Indonesian economy as well as the Indonesian society? Contributing IDR19 trillion in 2018!

How to use GoFood


Open GoFood on your Gojek app

It's the one with the red spoon and fork icon on your Gojek home screen


Browse around our recommendations in your area

You can see them on the GoFood homepage


Or, find your favorite restaurant/dish with our Search feature

Type in a cuisine, restaurant name or particular dish in our Search bar on the top of your screen


Purchase your desired dish and pin the address

Order from the menu then click 'Order' and confirm the destination


Our driver is ready to deliver your food

Yay, your food is on the way! You can check the driver's live location from our map