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Find out about XP

Find out about XP

Find out about XP

How to earn XP?

Member will earn XP by completing a certain transaction. The amount of XP earned from a transaction will be calculated using the formula as stated on the image - nett transaction diveded by 5.000 and multiplied by the multiplier.
Please see the detail of the multiplier on GoClub blog page.


The maximum amount of XP that a member can get from a transaction is 100 XP.

Net Transaction is the value of transaction made in a single order minus a cashback and discount received by the member.

The multiplier will be determined based on the service type and payment method used by the member in a transaction. For more detail you can see on GoClub blog page.

All about Leveling

All about Leveling
Types and amount of XP requirements for each level are as follows:

How to level up?

If a member has accumulated the XP needed to level up (See column 2 in the table above) the member will advance to the next level immediately.

Level maintenance

If a member has accumulated the XP needed to stay at his current level (see column 2 in the table) within 6 months, the Member's XP will return to the starting point of member's present level.

Level downgrade

If a member fails to accumulate the XP needed to stay at member's current level (see column 2 in the table) within 6 months, member will step down a level below and get their XP getting reset to the amount of the starting point at that level.

All about Leveling

Exclusive benefits of GoClub Member


Prioritized booking

  1. We will prioritize orders for GoRide and GoCar services by 'Anak Sultan' level members over non-GoClub member users or members from different levels.
  2. This reward is automatically applied each time members make an order for the services mentioned above.
  3. Members can enjoy these rewards with no time constraints, minimum booking rate, and/or the number of bookings. This reward applies in Indonesia, in areas where the services above are operable.

Prioritized support

  1. We will respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints within 30 (thirty) minutes after receiving the complaint via email, in-app Help menu, and/or rating page.
  2. We will resolve and respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints faster than users who are non-GoClub members and/or members with different levels, unless in urgent or sensitive cases.
  3. We may experience limitations, delays, and other problems when resolving and/or responding to members' complaints. For example, force majeure, maintenance or disruption of our system and/or the level of difficulty and complexity of members' complaints. This may affect the timeframe for responding and resolving complaints just as stated in the GoClub Terms of Use. From time to time, we may inform members regarding the complaints handling changes through our communication channels.