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Find out about XP

Find out about XP

Find out about XP

How to earn XP?

Member will earn XP by completing a certain transaction. The amount of XP earned from a transaction will be calculated using the formula as stated on the image - nett transaction diveded by 5.000 and multiplied by the multiplier.
Please see the detail of the multiplier on GoClub blog page.


The maximum amount of XP that a member can get from a transaction is 100 XP.

Net Transaction is the value of transaction made in a single order minus a cashback and discount received by the member.

The multiplier will be determined based on the service type and payment method used by the member in a transaction. For more detail you can see on GoClub blog page.

All about Leveling

All about Leveling
Types and amount of XP requirements for each level are as follows:

How to level up?

If a member has accumulated the XP needed to level up (See column 2 in the table above) the member will advance to the next level immediately.

Level maintenance

If a member has accumulated the XP needed to stay at his current level (see column 2 in the table) within 6 months, the Member's XP will return to the starting point of member's present level.

Level downgrade

If a member fails to accumulate the XP needed to stay at member's current level (see column 2 in the table) within 6 months, member will step down a level below and get their XP getting reset to the amount of the starting point at that level.

All about Leveling

Exclusive benefits of GoClub Member


Prioritized booking

  1. We will prioritize orders for GoRide and GoCar services by 'Anak Sultan' level members over non-GoClub member users or members from different levels.
  2. This reward is automatically applied each time members make an order for the services mentioned above.
  3. Members can enjoy these rewards with no time constraints, minimum booking rate, and/or the number of bookings. This reward applies in Indonesia, in areas where the services above are operable.

No busy-hour fee

  1. ‘Busy-hour' occurs in conditions where an order placed in a condition in which the number of users ordering the service exceeds the availability of the service provider, for example; weather factors and/or rush hours at a certain time.
  2. Member will get protection against ‘busy-hour' for certain service orders which will be determined at our sole discretion and communication to members from time to time with the following details:


    Services with No busy-hour reward

    Anak Sultan

    GoSend, GoFood, GoRide, GoCar, GoCar (L)


    GoSend, GoFood



    Protection simulation against `busy-hour` rates for GoCar Service bookings:

    Amount of service fee without using no busy-hour fee reward

    Amount of service fee using no busy-hour fee reward

    Fee in total

    Base fee

    Busy-hour fee

    Fee in total

    Base fee

    Busy-hour fee







  3. The reward can be immediately enjoyed automatically every time a member makes an order for the services mentioned above.
  4. A member can enjoy this reward without being limited by the duration and/or a minimum number of applicable service orders. The reward also applies throughout Indonesia.
  5. No busy-hour rewards do not apply if the overall busy-hour rate is below IDR 1,000.

100% GoPay cashback

Starting July 1, 2022, 'Anak Sultan' and 'Juragan' members will get a special GoPay voucher every month on the first Friday. The voucher is valid for 7 (seven) days from the first Friday to Thursday.

Voucher Recipient

This reward will be sent to members who are already 'Juragan' and 'Anak Sultan' by 00.00 WIB on the first Friday of the month.

Voucher Allocation

This reward will be gradually rolled out every first Friday of the month starting at 00.00 WIB and will be valid for 7 days until next Thursday at 23.59 WIB. Reward will be allocated in the form of:

  • 3 (three) x Rp10.000 GoPay cashback voucher for Juragan
  • 3 (three) x Rp20.000 GoPay cashback voucher for Anak Sultan

Voucher Redemption

During the promo period, 100% GoPay cashback voucher can be used at Offline (Alfamart, Alfamidi, Hokben, McDonald’s Shell, Secure Parking) and Online merchant (Google Play). GoClub has the right to change the amount of cashback value and/or business partners who participate in this promo as we notify you from time to time through the communication media we choose.

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GoPlay subscription special package

  1. Members will receive a special monthly subscription package (31 days) to access GoPlay streaming services on the GoPlay application.
  2. The special price given is determined based on each member’s level with the following details:
    1. 'Anak Sultan' and 'Juragan' level members will get a 100% discount on the monthly subscription package price (no cost).
    2. 'Bos' level members only need to pay a monthly subscription package price of Rp10,000.
    3. 'Warga' level members only need to pay a monthly subscription package price of Rp20,000.
  3. Members with 'Anak Sultan' and 'Juragan' levels can directly claim the reward by logging into the GoPlay application using the phone number registered on the Gojek app. After the login, members can start streaming right away.
  4. Members with ‘Warga’ and 'Bos' levels must first purchase a monthly subscription package via goplay.co.id website before accessing the streaming services on the GoPlay application. During the next renewal, if the remaining balance available on the payment method (selected by the member at the time of the first purchase) is sufficient to pay the subscription for the following month, the package will be automatically renewed, and the balance on the stated payment method will be automatically cut.
  5. Members can terminate the subscription at any time via the GoPlay website.
  6. If the member levels up to 'Bos' level, the price of the subscription at the time of the next renewal will automatically follow the price of the 'Bos' level.
  7. Suppose a member advances to the 'Juragan' level while his paid subscription package is still running. In that case, the package will be automatically terminated, and the remaining subscription period will be stored as a credit that can be used when the free access expires.
  8. If the member levels down, the monthly subscription package will be automatically terminated at the end of the current package period. The member can re-subscribe at the price for the lower level as stated in point 5.

GoTix tickets at no cost

  1. Members with the 'Anak Sultan' Level have the opportunity to get access to certain events in collaboration with GoTix at no cost.
  2. The access offered can be in the form of tickets to concerts, cinemas, attractions, or others. Ticket availability will adhere to our policy.
  3. There is no guarantee regarding the availability and timing of the ticket offers. If there is an offer available, we will inform you via push notification from the Gojek app.
  4. The ticket availability is limited, and the amount may vary for each event. We will prioritize members who claim tickets earlier. Members can only claim 1 (one) ticket for an event while the stock lasts.
  5. Upon clicking the ticket offer notification, members will be directed to a confirmation page where their personal information will be filled in automatically and cannot be changed. If required, they will need to fill in the additional information requested for ticket claim purposes. To confirm, members need to click the "Order Now" button. Claimed tickets cannot be returned.
  6. After the claim is successful, we will send an e-voucher to the member's registered email. E-vouchers can be either valid as tickets or exchanged for tickets according to the instructions applied.
  7. Personal data information on the e-voucher can be changed by contacting Loket Customer Support via phone (+6221 80600 822) or by email (support@loket.com).
  8. We do not provide any guarantees and are not responsible for the event's execution and management: including the type, location, place, schedule, fillers, and any matters related to the event organization either directly or indirectly.
  9. We are not responsible for any additional fees other than what we explicitly offer.
  10. We do not make any guarantees and are not responsible for any outcome resulting from using the tickets connected with the event.
  11. Event organizers may impose additional terms and conditions to the events and/or tickets.

Prioritized support

  1. We will respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints within 30 (thirty) minutes after receiving the complaint via email, in-app Help menu, and/or rating page.
  2. We will resolve and respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints faster than users who are non-GoClub members and/or members with different levels, unless in urgent or sensitive cases.
  3. We may experience limitations, delays, and other problems when resolving and/or responding to members' complaints. For example, force majeure, maintenance or disruption of our system and/or the level of difficulty and complexity of members' complaints. This may affect the timeframe for responding and resolving complaints just as stated in the GoClub Terms of Use. From time to time, we may inform members regarding the complaints handling changes through our communication channels.