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Why I should join GoClub?

Special treatment

  • At GoClub, you will get the chance to enjoy all the exclusive perks and rewards on Gojek. GoClub offers Prioritized booking, 100% GoPay cashback*, Free GoTix tickets, GoPlay special subscriptions and so much more!


  • Gojek offers services that you can choose based on your needs to earn XP. From transportation services to ordering food, sending goods, and also payment options.
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How GoClub works

How GoClub works
How GoClub works
How GoClub works

1․ Earn and collect XP from transactions

Earn and collect XP (eXperience Point) by making transactions and work your way up to Anak Sultan to get all the rewards. Learn more about the details here.

2․ All hail Anak Sultan

You will have to start from Warga level with 0 XP, and you would have to go through being at Bos level, Juragan level, and then finally you can get the most royal level as Anak Sultan. The higher your level is, you will get better and bigger perks and rewards that you can enjoy. Learn more about the details here.

3․ Earn XP to get all the exclusive GoClub rewards!

Everytime you level up, you will get bigger and better perks and rewards. Also, you will find surprise gifts in the Treasure chests at every level throughout your epic journey. Learn more about the details here.

How GoClub works

How I can become a GoClub member?

You can find the invitation in your Gojek app, or in your profile as well as promo page. Join the club by tapping the "Join for free" button and there, you're in. Or, you can also join by clicking this link.

Why I’m not receiving the invitation?

Your GoClub invitation might be still on it’s way. We’ll notify you when it arrives!

How do I cancel my membership?

GoClub membership can't be cancelled, since it's free. So, relax and enjoy the perks as our member!

What is XP?

XP, short for experience points, are the points we'd award you for orders made on Gojek services.

How can I earn XP?

XP is earned for every order you make on Gojek. For every Rp5.000 paid using GoPay or PayLater on GoFood, GoCar, GoRide, and GoSend, you'd be eligible to earn 4 XP. You'd be eligible to earn 2 XP if you paid using Cash or Credit Card or Link Aja on those services.

For every Rp5.000 paid using any payment methods on GoPay online and offline stores, you'd be eligible to earn 1 XP. • At maximum, you can earn up to 100 XP on each order. Learn more about the details by clicking this link.

Do I get XP on all orders?

You can earn XP on GoRide, GoFood, GoCar, GoSend orders, and payments using GoPay.

How do I level up?

The more orders you make, the more XP you get, and the faster you level up. You'd have 6 months to collect XP and upgrade from one level to another.

Here's a hint:
For you to level up from Warga to Bos, you'd need 200 XP collected in 6 months.
Then, for leveling up from Bos to Juragan, you'd need 1,500 XP in the next 6 months.
And ultimately, you'd need 6,000 XP in your 3rd 6-month period to become Anak Sultan.

Why do I get downgraded?

Once you level up, you have to meet the minimum XP amount required to stay on that level within 6 months. But, when you do get downgraded, nothing to worry about; you can always get back up by earning XP. Learn more about the details on the GoClub website.

What’s a Treasure gift?

Treasures are surprise gifts that we have provided for you to collect at particular touchpoints along your journey in each level. Unlike Rewards, what you'd get as Treasures are variations of surprise Gojek vouchers. You’d never know what you’d get as they’re kept secret until you found them. But, it is for sure you'd get at least one (1) Treasure box in each level, if not multiple.

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Learn more about GoClub here!

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Collect as much XP as you can to quickly occupy the throne! learn all about it here!