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GoCar Protect Plus

Why GoCar Protect+ ?

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Guaranteed Air Purifier

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Air purifier capable of immobilizing Airborne COVID-19 by up to 91.3%* in 30 seconds

*Based on Sharp's claim. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology in Sharp Airpurifier IG-GC2Y effectively immobilize Airborne COVID-19 by up to 91.3% in 30 seconds

Guaranteed vaccinated driver-partners

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Gojek supports the collective safety by vaccinating driver partners
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Guaranteed Protect Shield

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Protect Shield serves to limit the spread of the virus. In addition, the driver also regularly cleans the vehicle

How to order GoCar Protect+

How to order GoCar Protect+
How to order GoCar Protect+
How to order GoCar Protect+
How to order GoCar Protect+

1․ Choose GoCar Protect+

Make sure you have updated the app to the latest version. Open the Gojek application, then select the GoCar Protect+ icon.

2․ Input your destination

Enter the address of your destination location or select a registered pick-up point. Make sure your destination location is correct.

3․ Searching for the closest driver

Protect+ driver-partners will arrive to your pick-up point soon.

4․ Congratulations

You have successfully selected GoCar Protect+. Be prepared to wait at your pick-up point.


Does Gojek provide facilities such as Protect Shield and air purifiers for free or are driver partners required to pay in installments?

The distribution of safety and hygiene tools in the GoRide and GoCar Protect+ fleets is provided to driver-partners free of charge.

What happen if I order Protect+ service and don't receive the guaranteed facilities?

We continue to ensure that all GoRide and GoCar Protect+ services comply with applicable health and hygiene protocols.

Customers who do not get these facilities when ordering Protect+ services can leave comments or complaints in the suggestion box when they review their driver-partners after the trip.

What are the criterias for selecting GoRide and GoCar Protect+ drivers?

The most important thing is that the driver-partner must be vaccinated. Furthermore, we choose based on driver-partners who have received the safety and hygiene tools because they can be ascertained as quality driver-partners and get the best assessment by customers regarding the implementation of health protocols.

Where are GoCars with Sharp air purifiers available?

Since its launch last June, GoCar units equipped with Air Purifiers have been available in the Greater Jakarta area. Now the GoCar Protect+ fleet equipped with air purifiers will be expanded to other key cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali.

What happen if the air purifier in the GoCar is damaged?

There is no replacement for damaged air purifier products. Therefore, our driver partners are also given instructions on how to take care of them.

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Sharp's Air Purifier product, which is embedded with Plasmacluster technology, is proven to be effective in immobilizing the COVID-19 virus that spreads through the air up to 91.3% in 30 seconds.