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To establish Gojek as a socially and environmentally responsible leader, and create long-term value for all of Gojek stakeholders.

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To integrate world-class environmental, social, governance practices for the longevity and resilience of the company.

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Sustainability Report

Our first ever annual Sustainability Report will show you the steps we are taking in addressing the 13 topics* that are material to our business, which includes how we reduce our environmental footprint, how we support and build a diverse and inclusive workplace and platform, and how we improve our partners’ livelihoods. *based on GRI, and SASB standards, MSCI rating indicators, and benchmarking against global peers.

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Gojek Sustainability Pillars

After curating existing initiatives that promote our Sustainability goals, we mapped and aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals to the 3 Gojek Sustainability Pillars. These pillars will serve as the foundation of all our business and practices, with the purpose of ensuring each and every company-wide effort strategically contribute to the sustainability of our company and the global economy.
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We leverage our platform to change behavior at scale and enable everyone to live environmentally responsible lifestyles
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We aim to empower everyone in our ecosystem by providing a wide range of opportunities to improve livelihoods.
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We embrace diversity; we strongly believe in providing equal opportunities in the workplace and ensuring everyone in our ecosystem is valued, engaged, and supported.