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Accept payments and make payouts easily with Midtrans

About Midtrans

Complete payment solutions tailored for your business.

Our solutions let you accept payments online and offline. With 24 payment methods, your customers can choose to pay with e-money, credit/debit cards, direct debit to in-store cash payments. By offering a wide range of payment methods, you enable your business to accept any payment mode your customers prefer.

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Why Midtrans?

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Accept all kind of payments

There are 24 payment methods such as e-money, credit/debit card, to in-store payment.

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Run your business anywhere

Tracking transactions and reconciliation in one dashboard, on desktop or our mobile apps

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Extremely secure transactions

We apply best-in-class fraud detection technologies to protect your transactions and data

How to Use Midtrans
1․ Activate your preferred payment methods
Choose the payment methods based on your business and customers' needs. Setting up is free and you are only charged for successful transactions.
2․ Choose the integration options that fit your needs
You can integrate Midtrans to website, mobile apps, or create Payment Link to accept payment through chat apps.
3․ Start accept payments from your customers
You can track all status transactions from dashboard as our platform records every single transactions.
4․ Real-time notification for your transactions
You and your customer will get a real-time confirmation once payment is completed. Say goodbye to manual checking.

Start accepting online payments easily with Midtrans

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