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GoBox’s Partner Requirements

Gojek Indonesia


  • An Indonesian citizen
  • Maximum age is 65 y.o
Gojek Indonesia


  • ID Card (KTP) (still valid)
  • Certificate of Driver’s License for pickup/blind van type (SIM A) (still valid)
  • Certificate of Driver’s License for ankle trucks (SIM B1 / B2) (still valid)
  • Certificate of Vehicle Registration (STNK) (5 annual lease at the time of occurrence)
  • Certificate of Commercial Vehicle Inspection (KIR) (sill valid)
  • An/a authentic/legalized Indonesian Police Certificate (SKCK) (still valid)
Gojek Indonesia


  • A maximum vehicle age of 10 years (above year 2010)
  • Vehicle types: Pick Up Diesel, Pick Up Box, Blind Van, Colt Diesel Truck, Colt Diesel Box

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Gojek Indonesia
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