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Deliver Your Goods to Other Cities with GoSend Intercity!

Deliver Your Goods to Other Cities with GoSend Intercity!
GoSend · 11 Aug 2020

Do you often deliver goods within the city or out of town? or do you find it difficult to deliver packages out of town? To answer your problem, GoSend has launched a new feature to provide a long-term solution byintroducing GoSend Intercity Delivery!

What is GoSend Intercity?

In order to provide the best service, GoSend together with Paxel have launched the latest feature namely GoSend Intercity Delivery: now you can deliver packages to/from outside cities such as Jadetabek, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo & Semarang. There are other advantages if you use GoSend Intercity Delivery:

  • Delivery from Jadetabek to Bandung & vice versa: IDR 20,000 for all dimensions (small, medium, large).
  • Delivery from Jadetabek/Bandung to Yogyakarta, Solo or Semarang & vice versa: IDR 30,000 for all dimensions (small, medium, large).
  • Delivery between Yogyakarta, Solo & Semarang: IDR 15,000 for all dimensions (small, medium, large).
  • Maximum item weight up to 5kg.
  • Door to door service: the driver will pick up and deliver the goods according to the location points listed by the user.
  • Target duration is next day service delivery or a maximum 24 hours.

How to use GoSend Intercity Delivery?

  1. Open the Gojek application, click GoSend icon and click intercity
  2. Select the delivery city and enter the complete address
  3. Select the pick-up city and enter the complete address
  4. In the package details column, you are required to fill in the size and write a detailed description of the item (this is also needed when you want to claim insurance for goods)
  5. Click order and please wait to get the courier 30 minutes before or when the package pick-up time slot starts, then the courier will pick up the package to be delivered according to the specified time slot.
  6. To check status of the goods, please continue to monitor the order status in the application

What should I do if my delivery is having problems?

  • Users can contact Gojek customer service at 021 (50849000) or email to customerservice@go-jek.com
  • Gojek will confirm and double-check the case first
  • Furthermore, the user will be contacted again by Gojek customer service for information about the solutions that have been carried out by Gojek.

Now delivering packages out of town is easier with GoSend, so what are you waiting for?