A Complete Guide for GoRide’s Passenger Insurance Claim
A Complete Guide for GoRide’s Passenger Insurance Claim
goride / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers!

We always strive to provide the best experience for you by paying special attention to your security, and comfort while using Gojek services. To that end, we also make sure that you are fully protected in the case of an accident, especially when ordering GoRide services.

Gojek in collaboration with Allianz, works to provide the benefit of protection in the form of a maximum safety guarantee for you throughout your entire trip. When you are on the trip with GoRide, you are automatically protected and will receive all the benefits of protection from insurtech company for free, without paying any fee for the insurance. All costs are carried by Gojek.

To claim this protection, you can use Gojek app's need help feature or visit our website by clicking Claim Insurance. The amount of each insurance benefit will be transferred through the passengers' registered bank account.

The following is a complete guide for GoRide passenger insurance claim. Click to navigate your way to a specific section:

What benefits will I get from the insurance?

Here are the benefits that you’ll get from the insurance:

This insurance benefit is given if a passenger experiences a criminal act that causes loss or damage to their personal property. This insurance value isn up to Rp1.000.000 per event. 

This insurance benefit is given if a passenger gets an accident that causes injury and requires medical treatment including Medical expenses, the cost of the room (if hospitalized) and medications. The insurance coverage is worth up to Rp25.000.000 per event.

This insurance benefit is given if a passenger gets into an accident that causes the loss of a limb, loss of body parts function, or has been declared permanently disabled by the doctor. The value of permanent disability is based on the percentage for each part of the body, worth up to Rp50.000.000 per event. 

Death compensation is given as a cover to the traffic accident valued Rp50.000.000 as well as funeral cost of up to Rp1.000.000.

Who is covered by this insurance?

The eligible parties for this insurance are:

  1. Passengers who have registered in the Gojek application, pay for and order GoRide transportation services
  2. GoRide passengers who are not a Gojek account holder, whose transport services are ordered by Gojek account owners

How do I submit a claim?

When you make a claim, all evidence and required documents, such as order number, photo of your identity card, medical records, receipts or proof of hospital fees, accident reports from the police or a Police Official Report (BAP), and other documents, all of which are submitted and sent via online form.

You can submit a claim in the online form below:

Claim Insurance

After you fill out the claim form on the online form, we or the insurtech company may contact you to ask some questions related to the incident to ensure that the information is complete (such as what, who, why, when, where and how regarding the chronology of events).

What documents are needed to submit a claim?

Below is a list of documents or proof on each event that you need to prepare before submitting an insurance claim:

Loss or damage to personal property due to theft

Reimbursement of medical expenses

Inpatient or Outpatient due to an accident

Death or Permanent Disability due to an accident

Is there any deadline for a claim submission?

Claims related to an accident while using GoRide should be submitted through the online form no later than 30 days after the incident.

How long does it take to process the claim?

Your claim will be reviewed first by insurtech company until it is marked complete. They will inform you if the document is either complete and ready to be processed or incomplete by email. When you are filling out the claim form, please make sure that the email address is active and regularly used.

You will receive the benefits of reimbursement in the following time after the document is declared as complete:

  1. 5 (five) business days for a claim which does not result in death
  2. 7 (seven) business days for a claim which resulted in death

Insurance claim exceptions

Your insurance claim becomes invalid or rejected if:

We provide our customers with this insurance to ensure that your trip is protected because your safety is our top priority. We hope this article gives you a clear sense of your safety as a GoRide passenger. So, sit back, take it easy and have a safe trip! We’ve got you covered, so you can ride anytime, anywhere without worry. Please share this information with all your friends, family members, colleagues or anyone who are in need.