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Waktu Indonesia Berkarya! Send Virtual Gifts to Your Favorite Content Creators, Enjoy GoPay Cashback 50% Off

Waktu Indonesia Berkarya! Send Virtual Gifts to Your Favorite Content Creators, Enjoy GoPay Cashback 50% Off
GoPlay / 16 Aug 2021

Our Independence Day is getting closer! Just like last year, this year we might still not be able to celebrate it together. However, no need to be sad. There are still plenty of ways that we can do to embrace the spirit of Independence. One of them is to support local content creators who have been inspiring us through their works.

To welcome the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, GoPlay held an event called #WIB Waktu Indonesia Berkarya which has a variety of exciting events. First, you can show your appreciation and support for your favorite creators by sending them virtual gifts while they’re live on GoPlay. At this event, you can get a special 50% cashback* if you use GoPay to send virtual gifts. The more virtual gifts you send, the more cashback you will get.

Cashback Terms & Conditions:

  1. Cashback 50% max. Rp10.000 applies to GoPlay Virtual Gift payments using GoPay.
  2. Promo period from 16-31 August 2021 at 10:00-23.59 WIB.
  3. Promo quota is limited per day, maximum 50 transactions/day.
  4. Max. 1x cashback transaction/user/period.
  5. Valid for Gojek users registered max. of 1 July 2021.
  6. Cashback will be given with buffer time max. 2x24 hours.
  7. Cashback promos cannot be combined with other cashback promos.
  8. GoPay has the right to withhold and/or cancel promos to users at any time, including if the transaction underlying the promo is cancelled and/or the user requests a refund for the transaction underlying the promo, abusive, fraudulent, and/or other suspicious activities are found.
  9. Cashback in this promo can be cancelled if the total transaction value entered into the user's GoPay account for a month has exceeded the limit set by the regulator (Rp 20 million/month in the calendar).
  10. Promos are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

In addition, there are also other special events that are no less exciting to be your Independence Day celebration companion! 

Dangdut Live Concert & Talk Show

Project Pop says, 'Dangdut is the music of my country'. So, we should continue to show our support for our local music, especially in this month of Independence. This time, GoPlay collaborated with SRN Entertainment to hold a live concert Ini Dangdut where there will be performances from various dangdut singers. Every Saturday, there will be 2 dangdut singers from different eras who are ready to perform dangdut songs such as Dewi Persik, Via Vallen, Iis Dahlia, Nassar, and many more! Stay tuned on GoPlay from 21 August - 16 October 2021!

Still about dangdut music, GoPlay will also hold music & talk shows Go Dangdut for dangdut music lovers. This event will be hosted by Isal J.D.R., Noviaday, Jefangga, and Didi 3Kingkong. The hosts will invite dangdut singers to have a chat as well as perform their songs. So for you dangdut lovers, make sure you don't miss the show every Friday from August 13 to September 30! For the last episode, it will air on Thursday, September 30.

Virtual City for Anime Fans

Also not to be missed is the virtual city Animeland from GoTix and PK Entertainment which will be held on August 21-22, 2021. This event is a must-watch especially for you anime and Japanese culture lovers. There will be so many kinds of fun activities that you can join. One of them is the GoTix Stage which will be enlivened with performances and talk shows from Indonesian & Japanese artists such as Depapepe, J01, May’N Radwimps, SUKIMASWITCH, and many more.

For anime lovers, you definitely should attend GoPlay Cinema because there will be screenings of various anime here. If you're good at e-sport, you should take part in the Tekken 7 & Pokemon competition on August 18th. There is also a cosplay competition that you can watch live in the virtual city. While exploring the excitement of Animeland, you can order a variety of Japanese foods and goods at GoFood Street Akihabara and the Virtual Shop & Creative Market.Can imagine the fun? Buy the ticket on GoTix now so you don't miss it!

Who’s excited to experience the excitement firsthand? Through this event, you’ll definitely feel the spirit and enthusiasm of Independence Day! So keep up with the fun on GoPlay and don’t forget to send virtual gifts to support your favourite creators!