Learn how to Develop an Everlasting Business at Temple of Learning Summit 2021
Learn how to Develop an Everlasting Business at Temple of Learning Summit 2021
goplay / 24 Feb 2024

Want to know how to create an adaptable business that can stand the test of time? This is in fact one of the biggest challenges currently faced by many businesses. Most companies ended up only being able to survive for 15 years.

It takes a qualified and skillful leader and a strong work culture to build a future-proof business. For those of you who aspire to develop a successful business, you need to have the essential skills, such as creative and innovative thinking, the ability to utilize technology, as well as build networks with various parties.

This event is also sponsored by Tamasia, Halo Dental, The Watch Co, Le Minerale and supported by many parties, including Jimbaran Hub Creative Center (venue), GoPlay (streaming), Counter (ticketing), Kompas, Tempo Institute (media), Royal Tulip (accommodation), Danacita (financing), Pengusaha Muda Indonesia, LP3i, PPI, Rumah Millenialis, Webinar Indo, Accelerate by LP3i, and Arat Akademi (communities).

To help you develop your skills, LP3I School of Creative Economy presents Temple of Learning 2021. With the theme “Evolving to Future-Proof Organization”, there are various events that can help you become a knowledgeable, great leader that can bring your team and business to success.

There are various project-based learning activities that you can participate in at this event, such as workshops, case studies, wellbeing activities, networking sessions, and other interesting activities to explore Bali, such as Water Sport. Rest assured, the opportunity to hone your skills and innovate is wide open here.

In addition, you’re able to be actively involved in the sessions and exchange ideas with participants and speakers who come from various sectors and industry backgrounds such as Chairman of TEZ Capital, Arwin Rasyid, Ex-Youtuber Jovial da Lopez, Co-Founder & CPO Vokraf Mahatma Waskitadi, and many more! Being able to build networks with thought leaders and people who have a strong passion for skill development will certainly be very useful to help you build a quality company.

There are various qualified speakers ready to help you develop your skills at this event, from CEOs, chairmen, co-founders, and many others. Check out the full list of speakers at Temple of Learning 2021 below:

List of speakers at Temple of Learning 2021:

  1. Gita Wirjawan: Chairman of Ancora Group
  2. Arwin Rasyid: Chairman of TEZ Capital
  3. Aiza Azreen Ahmad : MDEC’s Chief Digital Business Officer
  4. Gunawan Susanto: Country Manager of AWS Indonesia
  5. Kristiono Setiadi: CTO of MNC Vison+
  6. Erlangga Maharesha: Consumer Engagement Gojek Bali
  7. Eko Nugroho: CEO of Kummara
  8. Jovial da Lopez: Ex-Youtuber SkinnyIndonesian24
  9. Mahanugra Kinzana: CEO of LP3I Indonesia
  10. Sona Maesana: Ketua Umum HIPMI Jaya
  11. Puteri Komarudin: Anggota DPR RI Komisi XI
  12. Bening Lara: Founder of Mindfulness Indonesia
  13. Farazandy Fidiansyah: Anggota DPRD Jakarta
  14. Mahatma Waskitadi: Co-Founder & CPO of Vokraf
  15. Temi R Sumarlin : PLT Sekretaris Jenderal GEKRAFS
  16. Reza Muhammad: Co-Founder of Lifepal
  17. Radityo Suliso : Head of Product LSCE
  18. Augyawati Joe: CEO of PT Jimbaran Hijau
  19. Nunik L Karim: Educator & Indonesian Actress

So don't forget to join the Temple of Learning Summit 2021 on 29-31 October 2021. The event will be held in a hybrid manner at Jimbaran Hub, Bali (offline) and GoPlay (online). Get your ticket at Loket.com with the following details:

Offline Tickets (open until 29 Oct 2021)

Online Tiket (open until 31 oct 2021)

So wait no more! Buy the tickets now and take a step towards your dream business!