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GoPlay Special Show: Join These Exciting Events to Celebrate GoPlay's Birthday!

GoPlay Special Show: Join These Exciting Events to Celebrate GoPlay's Birthday!
GoPlay / 27 Sep 2021

Yay, GoPlay’s 2nd birthday is just around the corner! To celebrate its birthday, GoPlay has prepared several exciting programs at Play 2Gether. There are games, horror stories, travel content, unboxing, and many more.

Here are the program that you can join in on GoPlay’s birthday Special Show:

Sultan Travel

Have you ever wonder what it’s like to be a Sultan? Well in this program, you’ll get the Sultan experience by following Tantra the Sultan, from flying first class, eating at Michelin Star restaurants, staying at 5-star hotels, and other interesting things that only a Sultan can do.

Other than that, you can also vote what Tantra is going to do next, get some tips & tricks, even shop online while live streaming. So you can live like a real Sultan! Watch Sultan Travel every Wednesday starting 8 September 2021. 


When you’re a fan of someone or something, you definitely have that urge to tell them to your friends. In Fandom, you will find stories from many K-Pop fans about their experiences, ranging from how they became fans, updates from their idols, how the idols inspired them, to song battles.

You can also choose which song you think best describes the idol being discussed in the episode. So it's like having new friends for fangirling or fanboying together! Watch Monday starting 30 August 2021.

Horror Stories Club

If you’re a fan of scary stories, there's the Horror Stories Club. Frislly Herlind the indigo child will bring various stories about the horror she experienced. For example, Frislly has a “friend” who is a child of Dutch descent. Not only that, Frislly can also see the supernatural world through photos. You can participate by submitting your story or photo. So for those who are curious, don't miss out on this program, okay? Never run out of spooky stories to tell. Watch it every Wednesday at 19.30 WIB.

GoPlay Crossed Program

The more, the merrier! That’s why hosts of GoPlay original programs such as GoFoodin Aja, Fandom, Lunch with the Thungs, Sultan Travel, Go Corner, and She Talks will collaborate and host each others’ programs. Not only the hosts, the people working behind GoPlay will also join in. It’s gonna be super fun!

Unboxing Time Special GoPlay Anniversary

Bought something, but didn't live up to your expectations? Watch the Unboxing Time Special first. Here, James will be accompanied by one of the content creator Guest Star/GoPlay Troops for unboxing and reviewing various unique products. What products will James review? Watch Unboxing Time Special on 25 September 2021 at 13.00 WIB.

Geemu O Shimasu Special GoPlay Anniversary

Japan does have a lot of fun and creative games! In this event, hosts from various programs on GoPlay and GoTroops will play many exciting games, including traditional games from Japan.

What are the games? There's Buat Dia Bicara, where participants must be able to make Google Assistant say the sentence that’s been given, there's Makan Apa Sekarang where participants will play Kendama to determine what unique food they should eat, and many more. Don't miss the fun! Watch it on 25 September 2021 at 18.30 WIB.

GoCoustic New Comers

GoCoustic now has a new format! Here, content creators in the music genre have the opportunity to perform their own original songs and cover songs as well. In the upcoming episode, there will be a special singer named Imelda Lizal who will perform her song. You can get lots of song references here! Watch the show on 25 September 2021 at 20.30 WIB.


Last but not least, the one event that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is none other than the highlight of the GoPlay anniversary event! Birthday celebrations are no fun without spectacular music. In this event, music content creators will perform various fun songs.

In addition, there’s also a trivia quiz with a total prize of IDR 5 million! At the closing ceremony, there’s going to be a performance by Winky Wiryawan & Kenes Andari from B.O.H FM. Watch it on 26 September 2021 at 19.00 WIB Exciting, right? You won’t regret joining the show!

GoPlay always has exciting events for you, whether you're a horror lover, K-Pop fans, adventurer, and more. So, look forward to the special show at GoPlay's birthday celebration!