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Stream Godbless Concert Exclusive Rerun and Other Surprises on GoPlay!

Stream Godbless Concert Exclusive Rerun and Other Surprises on GoPlay!
GoPlay / 25 Oct 2021

Didn’t get the chance to see Godbless online concert? Good news for you! Seeing the enthusiasm from all of you, we’re thrilled to announce that there’s another opportunity for you who didn’t attend the online concert before to see it now. That’s because we’re going to hold Godbless’ 48-year celebration exclusive rerun concert “Mulai Hari Ini, Memutar Kembali”!

So for those of you who missed the last concert, this is your chance to witness Godbless's spectacular performance at their concert yesterday. In this exclusive rerun, we’re going to celebrate Godbless' almost half a century journey, giving us so many memorable songs.

At this concert, it was not only Godbless who performed their best songs. There were also a number of Indonesian musicians who participated in the event, including Isyana Sarasvati, Fourtwnty, Danilla Riyadi, Teza Sumendra, Kamila, Dul Jaelani & Tissa Biani, as well as rock collaboration performances with Ivanka Slank, Fadly Padi, Karis Dead Squad, and many more.

With this lineup of top and legendary singers, your concert experience will definitely be memorable! Not only that, in this concert Godbless also received an award from President Jokowi for their achievements as a rock music pioneer in Indonesia.

In addition to the rerun, at this concert, there were also other unique new surprises that make this rerun even more special! At this event, there will be special performances from several musicians who previously did not perform at the initial concert, namely Kotak, Barasuara, and Scaler. So those of you who have watched the previous concert can still enjoy this exclusive rerun!

What are you waiting for, this is an opportunity for you to watch the concert, especially for those of you who missed the previous one! Enjoy the exciting experience of watching the Godbless online concert on October 28 at 20.00. Get the ticket on Loket or GoTix for Rp50,000. Tickets can be purchased now. See you at the concert!