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Let’s Join #KejarAngpao dan Win Lots of Rewards from GoPlay!

Let’s Join #KejarAngpao dan Win Lots of Rewards from GoPlay!
GoPlay / 26 Jan 2022

Time to go hunting for angpao soon because Chinese New Year is around the corner! Not just from your uncles and aunts, you can also earn extra angpao from GoPlay. How? Join #KejarAngpao from January 24-31 2022 and find out!

In this event, there are a lot of special shows with exciting rewards up for grabs. Not only that, there are going to be spectacular performances at the closing night of the event. Ready to jump in? Here are the shows that you can join during #KejarAngpao to win rewards:

#KejarAngpao Virtual Gift Race

Send “Angpao GoPlay” virtual gifts to your favorite creators and earn the chance to win total GoPay balance rewards of Rp1.750.000! This virtual gift race will be held from 24-30 January 2022 and there’s going to be a winner every day. Users who send the most virtual gifts that day will be announced as the winner. So keep collecting the Tokens on GoPlay app! Check out the terms and conditions by clicking the button below.

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Banyak Nonton, Menang Banyak

Watch livestreams, earn rewards? Yes, it’s possible! Watch as many GoPlay live content as possible and collect the points. For every show you watch for a minimum of 5 minutes, you’ll earn 1 point. Every day and at the end of the week, there are going to be 3 chosen winners who have gained the most points. So in total, there will be 24 winners who will get GoPay balance with a total of Rp5.750.000! So keep supporting your favorite creators and join this event from 24-30 Januari 2022. Check out the terms and conditions below.

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#KejarAngpao Extra Token

To send more virtual gifts to your favorite creators, you need to have lots and lots of Tokens. GoPlay’s here to help you make that happen! From 24-30 January 2022, you can earn extra Token by following GoPlay’s content creators. For every content creator you follow, you’ll earn 10 bonus Token with maximum of 50 Tokens each day. So not only can you keep up with your favorite creators’ content, you can also earn more Tokens! 

Special Shows & Trivia Quiz

Want to get even more angpao? There are lots of opportunities! One of them is by participating in Trivia Quiz on GoFoodin Aja, Citra & Rezky, Tebak Lagu, Ratu Sofya & Kiesha Alvaro, Dinar Candy, Mami Diskon, Risa Saraswati, She Talks, Pillowtalk, Rassya & Aqeela, and more. Win millions Rupiah worth of GoPay balance! So make sure you’re up to date with GoPlay’s shows and join the #KejarAngpao event on 24-31 January 2022.

#KejarAngpao Social Media Giveaway

Increase your chance of winning by joining #KejarAngpao social media giveaway on @goplayindonesia Instagram which begins on 24 January 2022. There’s a total GoPlay balance rewards of Rp 1.500.000 up for grabs for 5 winners. All you have to do is share the template from GoPlay on your Instagram Story and tag all of your friends in @goplayindonesia post. Make sure you follow @goplayindonesia too so you won’t miss any updates!

#KejarAngpao Daily Thematic Special

From Monday to Thursday on 24-27 January 2022, there will be plenty of special shows with different themes every day. From food #SeninSantapMantap, music #SelasaBersenandung, horror #RabuTerorHoror, to venting session #KamisCeriwis, you can find all this on GoPlay shows. There’s always something to watch every day!

Mission for Content Creators

Not just for audience, we also have something for our content creators! We want to show our appreciation to those of you who have been giving us fun and entertaining content every day. For you content creators out there, you can earn rewards from GoPlay by participating in the 

Special Bonus Mission from 24-27 January 2022

To complete the mission, you only need to create a livestream based on the given daily theme. Creators with the most audience at a time (concurrent users) will also earn extra bonus! So make sure to invite your family and friends to watch your live. Check out the terms and conditions below.

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The Playground

Wanna know whether you win or not? Let’s come along to a place where everybody loves cuan, GoCuan at The Playground! Get into the story and see various performances from the special guest star. Astry Ovie from Neng Kepo and Andi from Mami Diskon will be your guide for the night.

While exploring GoCuan, you can also find out your luck prediction based on your Shio here. Make sure to stay tuned until the end so you won’t miss the winner announcements. Who knows, you might be the lucky one who wins multiple rewards from GoPlay. Watch The Playground on Monday, 31 January 2022! 

So, any target on how many rewards you wanna win? Join the fun and keep yourself updated so you won’t miss anything. Good luck on your #KejarAngpao mission!