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Don’t Know What to Cook? Find Tasty Recipes with Heinz Sauce on Heinz Sauce Project!

Don’t Know What to Cook? Find Tasty Recipes with Heinz Sauce on Heinz Sauce Project!
GoPlay / 15 Dec 2021

Need inspiration for your daily cooking routine at home? Tired of the same old menu you cook? The Heinz Sauce Project is ready to be your cooking partner! Every week, the Heinz Sauce Project brings you guest stars such as celebrities or chefs to explore and create your favorite food!

Heinz is now here in Indonesia, bringing you 4 special sauce variants to be your favorite food’s companion. There's the iconic Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Heinz Indonesian Gourmet Chili with Raw Mango, Heinz Korean Gourmet Chili ala Gochujang, and Heinz Mexican Gourmet Chili with Roasted Jalapeno. Feel the sensation of traveling the world with these 4 sauces!

Curious about what menus await you at the Heinz Sauce Project? In our 2 episodes, Heinz Sauce Project will share two special menus from the expert himself, Chef Brian from Masterchef Season 5. With Ary Kirana, Chef Brian will introduce two Italian dishes, namely 4 flavors pizza and spaghetti. Chef Brian will also share some of his anti-mainstream tips so that your food got that restaurant quality, looks fancy, and Instagram-worthy.

Not only can you learn how to cook those two menus and get tips & tricks straight from the chef, you can also buy Heinz special sauce from home too via GoMart during the live show. Plus, you also have the opportunity to win a total of hundreds of thousands of rupiah GoPay balance from the trivia quiz!

That’s why, don't miss the live episodes of Heinz Sauce Project on December 13 & December 20, 2021 at 16.30 WIB. Together, let's make a great combination of a chef-style menu with Heinz's iconic sauce!