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Find Investment Tips and Grow Your Wealth in Cuan Festival!

Find Investment Tips and Grow Your Wealth in Cuan Festival!
GoPlay / 10 Nov 2021

Have you started investing yet? Lately, investment has become a hot topic. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of people talked about it and started using their funds to invest. Especially now that there’s a lot of available access that people can use to invest.

If done right, investment can indeed help us meet financial needs such as buying a house or even achieving financial freedom. However, doing it wrong can make us lose money instead. This is why a lot of people hesitate to start investing.

For those of you who are still not sure because of this reason, you can start first by joining Cuan Festival. Held by Loket dan Indonesia Investment Education (IIE), you can learn a lot of things regarding investment and stocks here. The festival will be held for 4 days on 13, 14, 20 & 21 November 2021. 

There are several sessions here, such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, wealth management/financial planner, and session by public listed companies. So, not only you will learn how to invest, but you will also get tips on how to manage your wealth and get to know more about the companies you can invest in.

Besides listening to insights from experienced and prominent speakers, you can also ask your questions right away at the Q&A; session! So you can fully understand about investment in this festival.

Here is the list of speakers at the Cuan Festival:

Technical Session: Linda Lee (1st Indonesian Women CFTe Holder) dan Gema Goeryadi (President & Founder Astronacci)

Fundamental Session:  Syailendra Capital - Ahmad Solihin (Chief of Investment)

Session by Public Listed Companies:

  • SILO - Daniel Phua (CEO) & Caroline Riady (CFO)
  • ABMM - Hans Manoe (Group Controller & Director of PT Media Djaya Bersama) & Aldila Ayudya (Investor Relation)
  • BSDE - Hermawan Wijaya (Direktur) & Christy Grassela (Head of Investor Relation)
  • ASSA - Prodjo Sunarjanto (Presdir ASSA) & Suyanto Tjoeng (Director of ASSA & CEO of AnterAja)
  • UVCR - Riky Boy (CCO of UVCR)
  • TBIG - Helmy Yusman (Director & CFO of TBIG)
  • ASII - Tira Ardianti (Head of Investor Relation)
  • ERAA - Jeremy Sim (CSO of ERAA)
  • BFIN - Sudjono (CFO of BFIN)
  • MAIN - Rudy Hartono (CFO) & Zefany Angeline (Head of Investor Relation)

Wealth Management/Financial Planner Session:

  •  Moduit - Stefanus Adi Utomo (CMO)
  • Artist sharing session by Zipmex


  • Rita Efendy - Investment Consultant / Founder of IIE, CLC and ITC
  • Kartika Sutandi (Tjoe Ay) - CMO Jarvis Assets Management & IIE Co-founder
  • Yudi Chen RTA - Chartist & IIE Co-founder
  • Frengly - Investor
  • Vimalasari - Co-founder Investor Academy Indonesia
  • Aline Wiraatmaja CFP - Stock Trader
  • Priscilla Siregar - Young Investor

So what are you waiting for? If you want to be a smart investor who makes the right decisions, grab the ticket and join Cuan Festival! Get ready to get the ticket on 20 October - 21 November 2021 at Loket or GoTix for IDR149.000(4 day pass). Take the first step to achieve financial freedom!