Feel the Excitement of Virtual Travel and Explore J-Pop Culture at Animeland!
Feel the Excitement of Virtual Travel and Explore J-Pop Culture at Animeland!
goplay / 24 Feb 2024

Konnichiwa, Japanese lovers! Even though we haven’t been able to travel in-person to Japan, there are still chances for us to experience the taste of it firsthand by travelling virtually. How? Of course by visiting the biggest anime festival in Indonesia, Animeland on 21-22 August 2021!

This event is delivered by GoTix and PK Entertainment especially for anime and J-Pop lovers. Inside is a virtual city with all things Japanese that you can explore as you like. Here you can enjoy various Japanese pop cultures and other exciting activities. Di sini kamu bisa menikmati beragam budaya J-Pop dan acara seru lainnya. Not just an ordinary virtual travel, you also have the opportunity to meet Indonesian & Japanese artists, boy bands, comic artists, and cosplayers along the way!

For BCA debit users, you can get a 50% discount for the first 500 purchases in both the presale and normal price categories. So not only do you get to travel virtually and enjoy fantastic performances, you can also access them at an affordable price! It’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Still curious about the events?

Here are some stages you can visit in Animeland:

GoTix Stage

Here you can enjoy interesting performances from Indonesian and Japanese artists. There are acoustic music group Depapepe, boyband JO1, indie rock group Radwimps, anime diva May'n, musician Hiroaki Kato, and a number of other artists.

In addition, there are going to be talk shows with various content creators such as comic artist Krisanti_Comics, Pandaclip, cosplayer Larissa Rochefort, Matchamei, and virtual idol Nijisanji ID. You definitely won’t feel bored at all while wandering around in the virtual city!

GoPlay Cinema & Go-Food Street Akihabara

For you anime lovers, this is the section for you. At GoPlay Cinema, there will be a screening of super exciting anime films. Who knows, there might be one of your favourite anime. While watching the best anime, it won’t feel complete without tasty snacks. You can order Japanese food & snacks on GoFood so you can truly feel the Japanese vibe.

E-Sport & Cosplay Competition

For those who call yourselves gamers, there are 2 exciting tournaments that you can participate in at Animeland, which are Tekken 7 & Pokemon. The preliminaries will start on August 18th, while the finale will be broadcasted live on Animeland. Makes you feel like a pro gamer, right?

In addition, there is also a cosplay competition in collaboration with the CLAS:H cosplay community. You can watch various anime character cosplays, J-Pop, gaming, and others.

Virtual Shop & Creative Market

Travelling is not travelling without souvenirs. Even though we’re travelling virtually, you can still buy unique souvenirs too. In animeland, there are various merchants where you can buy all things Japanese. Sugoi!

With all these exciting activities to do, it would be a shame if you miss it. Let’s buy the ticket so you get to explore the whole experience. Mata ne!