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7 Tips for Safe Online Transaction with GoPay X BCA

7 Tips for Safe Online Transaction with GoPay X BCA
GoPay / 29 May 2020

Online transactions are not a new thing anymore, but we still have to remain vigilant against any frauds or scams. Each day, there are more new scam methods that are taking advantage of us, if we stay careless. But, worry no more, because GoPay & BCA is  always prioritizing your safety and comfort as our user. Here are some tips you can apply for safe online transactions!

Beware of MAGIS

MAGIS (Manipulasi Psikologis/Psychology Manipulation) is not any magic tricks. Some scam methods are taking advantage of users’ negligence when transacting online. See below for some examples:

  • Requesting for balance transfer outside Gojek application. Usually it’s due to lack of money or the need to pay directly to business partners.
  • Transfer via virtual account with additional code in front before entering the balance value, so the money will go directly to business partners.

Actually, if we pay with GoPay or GoPayater, the money will directly go to the business partner’s account. Other than that, GoPay & BCA don’t have any particular code for paying business partners.

Safe Online Transaction Tips

  1. Use GoPay PIN to protect all your transactions in Gojek application.
  2. Don’t easily trust any solution offered from strangers.
  3. Don’t transact outside the Gojek application. It will be more secure to pay directly using GoPay or GoPayLater.
  4. Never share your personal information such as GoPay PIN and OTP code with anyone. Gojek will never ask for your datas.
  5. Report any suspicious action or request to authorized companies.
  6. Apply J.A.G.A to make sure your account’s safety.

Hopefully, after being introduced to MAGIS and reading the tips above, our account will always be safe from scammers out there. Don’t forget to upgrade your account to GoPay Plus for extra security. Click here!

Set Daily Limit on OneKlik

You will be able to top up GoPay balance in a single click right from the apps with OneKlik. You can minimize the risk of losing your balance if something goes wrong by setting the Adjust Daily Limit feature. See below for the steps:

  • Open your Gojek application, click “Lainnya” or “More” in the GoPay menu.
  • Click “Pengaturan” or “Settings”.

  • Click “Atur Kartu Debit” or “Manage Debit Card”.
  • Choose BCA OneKlik card to set the daily limit.
  • Click “Atur Limit Harian” or “Adjust Daily Limit”.

  • Click the amount of daily limit set before, and adjust again based on your needs.
  • Click “Lanjut”and put your phone number to get OTP code. Input the OTP & check the terms from OneKlik.
  • Click “Simpan”. Done!

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