GoPay Money Back Guarantee Policy
GoPay Money Back Guarantee Policy
gopay / 24 Feb 2024

GoPay Money Back Guarantee (“GoPay MBG”) means You are protected from unauthorized transactions, as a result of GoPay account take over in your Gojek application (“ATO”) in the form of brute force attack or lost mobile device, and undelivered orders in your Gojek application (“Items Not Delivered”). You’ll get your balance back. For all the details of how the GoPay MBG works, please see our full policy guidelines below.

  1. Eligible Cases. You are protected by the GoPay MBG in the event of (i) unauthorized transaction(s) on your GoPay account resulting from ATO, namely (a) through brute force attacks or (b) verified loss of your mobile device; and/or (ii) Items Not Delivered despite having paid for your transaction using GoPay or PayLater, or redeeming your GoPay Coins reward balance to offset your transaction order.
  2. Eligible Users. GoPay MBG is available to:
    1. GoPay registered users, i.e., those who have passed GoPay Know Your Customer verification (Upgrade GoPay Plus), prior to the occurrence of Eligible Case; and
    2. Those who have enabled PIN code for authentication of their GoPay account prior to the occurrence of Eligible Case.
  3. Eligible Claims. For Eligible Users with Eligible Cases, You are covered for your direct loss of GoPay, PayLater balance and GoPay Coins reward balance for all unauthorized transactions and/or redemption that happen in your GoPay and/or PayLater account, including the transaction in all GoPay merchants (“Covered Balance”), if you notify us within 60 calendar days after: (a) the date of brute force attack; (b) the date you lost your mobile device as proven with valid evidence; and (c) the date of the Items Not Delivered event. 
  4. Processing Your Claim.
    1. Eligible Claims are processed by submitting your claim request. If you believe that there has been an Eligible Case (for example, you lose your mobile phone), you shall immediately contact us at customerservice@gojek.com or +6221-5084-9000. As part of prevention, we may promptly block access to your GoPay account upon receiving your notice.
    2. You can claim your Covered Balance by submitting documentation required by GoPay. For Eligible Case due to lost mobile devices, you will be required to provide us with valid evidence within a certain period. We reserve the right to not process your claim if you’re unable to provide the required documentation within the specified period.
  5. Your Balance Back. If we determine, upon assessment of your request, that your claim has been approved for GoPay MBG, the Covered Balance will be transferred to your GoPay wallet, GoPay Coins reward balance and/or your PayLater will be restored up to your previous balance limit as applicable.
  6. Not Covered. For the avoidance of doubt, GoPay MBG is not available for consumer negligence, scam cases, phishing and/or if there is any indication of suspicious activities, including but not limited to fraudulent and/or abusive behavior.

The implementation of GoPay MBG is subject to (i) GoPay Terms of Use; (ii) the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Gojek Application; (iii) GoPay Coins Terms of Use; (iv) the specific terms and conditions that apply for each service feature available in Gojek application; (v) the Privacy Policy; and (vi) any prevailing laws and regulations. We reserve the right to update this GoPay MBG Policy and its availability from time to time.

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