GoPay Coins Policy
GoPay Coins Policy
gopay / 24 Feb 2024

These terms and conditions apply to all users who access and/or use a part or all of the services available in GoPay, an electronic money issued by PT Dompet Anak Bangsa (We, Our and/or Us) together with its related services and/or other services as provided by third parties cooperating with Us, with regards to the GoPay Coins rewards program as provided by Us, and is supplemental to the GoPay Terms of Use. The use of the Gojek Application and GoPay shall continue to be governed by the Gojek Terms of Use and the GoPay Terms of Use respectively, and the Privacy Policy and specific terms and conditions referenced therein. Capitalised terms used but not defined in these terms and conditions shall have the same meaning given to them in the Gojek Terms of Use and/or GoPay Terms of Use (as the case may be).

  1. GoPay Coins is a rewards program applicable to GoPay users or customers of certain Authorized Platform Partners cooperating with GoPay from time to time ("Users").
  2. GoPay Coins will be issued to Users for making certain GoPay transactions or other types of transactions via the Gojek Application or with Authorized Platform Partners (as applicable), or for participating in other activities as We may determine and notify to Users via the Gojek Application or the Authorized Platform Partner's channels (as applicable) from time to time ("Eligible Activities").
  3. The applicable criteria and number of GoPay Coins issued for each Eligible Activity shall be determined by Us at Our sole discretion from time to time and notified to Users via the Gojek Application or the Authorized Platform Partner's channels (as applicable). GoPay Coins will not be issued in respect of any amounts redeemed using GoPay Coins in accordance with paragraph 7 below.
  4. Upon completion of an Eligible Activity, the relevant number of GoPay Coins will be issued to the User.
  5. Each GoPay Coin shall be valid from the time of issuance, for the validity period as notified to Users from time to time ("Validity Period"), after which any unused GoPay Coins will become invalid and be deemed forfeited.
  6. A User must have a GoPay account in order to redeem any GoPay Coins issued. If the GoPay Coins are issued pursuant to a transaction made with an Authorized Platform Partner, the User must also link his/her GoPay account to the Authorized Platform Partner's platform in order to redeem the GoPay Coins issued. A User may redeem GoPay Coins to offset certain amounts payable by the User for applicable goods and services as made available by Us, and/or Our affiliates, or other Authorized Platform Partners (as relevant). One (1) GoPay Coin may be redeemed for one (1) Indonesian Rupiah, or such other conversion rate determined by Us and notified to Users from time to time. Redemptions are subject to Coin availability and other requirements as We may notify to Users.
  7. Each GoPay Coin may only be redeemed once, and may not be withdrawn, transferred, or exchanged for cash.
  8. We reserve the right to suspend and/or cancel - (a) the issuance and/or redemption of GoPay Coins; and (b) a User's right to participate in the GoPay Coins rewards program - in Our sole discretion, including but not limited to where: i) the underlying transaction for issuance of GoPay Coins, or the redemption of GoPay Coins, by the User is deemed by Us to be suspicious, abusive, fraudulent and/or in breach of any applicable terms and conditions and/or laws.
  9. We reserve the right to update or discontinue the GoPay Coins rewards program at any time in Our sole discretion, and to update these Terms and Conditions and any other derivative terms and conditions from time to time as notified by Us. If Users disagree with any of the changes, Users must discontinue access and use of GoPay Coins.
  10. GoPay has the right to cancel and/or claw back the cashback if there is a cancellation and/or refund of the underlying transaction of the cashback. For cashback in the form of GoPay Coins, if the amount of GoPay Coins owned by the user is not sufficient to be clawed back, GoPay can deduct the amount of GoPay Coins that have been issued from the source of funds used by user for transaction that is requested for cancellation and/or refund.

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