Protect Your Gojek Account, DO NOT Share Your OTP Code to Anyone!
Protect Your Gojek Account, DO NOT Share Your OTP Code to Anyone!
gopay / 24 Feb 2024

Have you ever received an SMS from Gojek containing a 4-6 digit pass code? That code is your OTP code (One Time Password) or verification code. It’s CONFIDENTIAL and only valid to use within a short period of time.

Gojek sends the OTP code to your phone number in certain conditions, when and if you:

  1. Try logging in to your Gojek account or just registered an account.
  2. Change or reset your GoPay PIN
  3. Change your phone number or email in your Gojek account.

Protect your OTP code the same way you protect your ATM PIN. DO NOT EVER share the code to anyoneEven Gojek never asks for your OTP code.

Why can’t I share my OTP code to anyone?

Sharing your code to someone else means the same as giving access to someone to log in your Gojek account. They can abuse your account, without your permission. Again, remember that your OTP code is AS IMPORTANT as your ATM PIN. Won't you share your ATM PIN to anyone?

If you’ve received an SMS containing the 4-6 OTP code, but you never did any of the three actions above, don’t be panic. Always stay cautious for scammers calling and asking for your code. When this happens (or is happening), immediately call us at:


Call Center: Halaman Bantuan
E-mail: customerservice@gojek.com


Call Center: +65-3135-3135

E-mail: support.sg@go-jek.com