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GoPay Inactive Account or Dormant Account Information

GoPay Inactive Account or Dormant Account Information
GoPay / 11 Sep 2020

Hi Gojekers,

In accordance with the company policy and to ensure users’ account safety, GoPay creates adjustments to the provisions of “Inactive Account”, which is known as “Dormant Account”, if you do not make transactions using GoPay for more than 360 days. For more information, please check down below.

Detailed Information About Dormant Account

  • If you are included as a “Dormant Account”, GoPay will provide information in the form of email and notifications in the Gojek app within a certain period of time.
  • For users who are included in the “Dormant Account”, GoPay balance will be temporarily locked. This is the grace period for users to revalidate their GoPay account.
  • During the grace period, users are expected to validate their identity to verify account ownership or claim their remaining balance in the GoPay account.
  • If users do not or fail to revalidate, their GoPay account will be deactivated at least 1 (one) month after receiving notification.

How to Validate Personal Identification

You are able to activate and use your GoPay account back by reactivating it by doing the steps below:

  1. Click “Account” menu on your Gojek app
  2. Click “Help
  3. Click “GoPay” topic
  4. Click “GoPay account is deactivated
  5. Click “Reactivate GoPay account” and follow the steps

Our Customer Service will be in touch with you to confirm these data:

  1. Registered name in Gojek app
  2. Registered phone number in Gojek app
  3. Registered email in Gojek app, and
  4. Proof of last transaction in Gojek app

The implementation of this policy refers to the terms & conditions. If you have more questions or need more information, check this Help Page or email customerservice@gojek.com.

Reactivate now by clicking the button below on your phone, to avoid locked GoPay balance and getting administrative fees!