Gojek Launches 12 Driver Welfare Programs to Address Hardship Created by COVID-19
Gojek Launches 12 Driver Welfare Programs to Address Hardship Created by COVID-19
gojek / 31 Mar 2020

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, Gojek, Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand super-app, is stepping up its efforts to support the livelihood of driver partners amidst the downturn in their activity. 

Gojek announced the launch of a Rp 100 billion Gojek Partner Support Fund, which was raised through Gojek management’s donation of 25 percent of their annual salaries as well as the company redirecting employees’ annual pay rise budget. 

Some of the fund will be used to support our driver partners in three key areas: healthcare provision, daily cost reduction and income assistance.

The elements of the programme are as follows:

Healthcare provision

  1. Hygiene kits – Gojek has been distributing masks, sanitizers, and vitamins for both motorcycle and car drivers, ensuring they have the necessary protection, and is working to ensure it has adequate provisions over the coming weeks
  2. Health insurance coverage – the COVID-19 virus is not the only threat to Gojek partners during this time, and this program provides drivers with fixed term insurance policies covering in-patient and outpatient medical costs incurred during the COVID-19 emergency period (administered by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation).
  3. Raising awareness of health protocols – regular educational content is communicated through driver app notifications.

Reducing daily costs 

  1. Basket of goods ‘sembako’ (staple food) distribution program – an ongoing distribution of ‘sembako’ for older driver partners in key cities, which is to be extended nationwide.
  2. Sembako (staple food) distribution program collaborating with Alfamart – a scheme that provides our drivers and service providers with vouchers for the purchase of key daily necessities from a select basket of goods at Alfamart.
  3. Mass distribution of sembako (staple food) – voucher-based sembako distribution program to be rolled out in the coming week, led by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation 
  4. Affordable meals – drivers will be able to buy affordable meals from participating GoFood micro-merchants (administered by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation).
  5. Vehicle loan payment relief – many of our motorcycle and car drivers lease their vehicles and we are working with relevant government agencies to provide more clarity on a process for vehicle loan repayments that will be beneficial to our drivers. 

Income assistance 

  1. Driver support product features – new features have been added to Gojek’s platform to further support drivers, including the option to increase driver tips (now users can tip drivers up to Rp 100K, which goes directly to drivers’ e-wallets).
  2. Existing income assistance program for driver partners diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. Extension of income assistance program to drivers who may not have COVID-19 but who are put into quarantine by health authorities as a precautionary measure (ODP and PDP), and therefore unable to work (administered by the Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation). 
  4. Participation in government income support schemes – Gojek is working with a number of ministries to ensure that drivers who are eligible for support under schemes such as Bantuan Langsung Tunai are identified and provided with the information they need to participate and benefit.

The Gojek Partner Support Fund is administered by the newly formed Anak Bangsa Bisa Foundation, an entity through which Gojek intends to activate its sustainability and corporate responsibility programmes. The foundation will oversee the fund while also seeking out new donors and partners to support Gojek’s social mission.