Gojek Launched a Campaign in GoMart and GoGAN to Power Up Pocky’s Campaign Performance
Gojek Launched a Campaign in GoMart and GoGAN to Power Up Pocky’s Campaign Performance
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Ramadan is supposed to be a time for togetherness, but for the second year in a row it was celebrated differently due to the pandemic situation. Large social events and religious gatherings were restricted due to appeals for staying at home during Ramadan to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Ramadan remains a special month and it should be celebrated with a joyful heart. The bright side is that people got to spend most of Ramadan with their families. This gives them an opportunity to strengthen their bonds and reconnect with one another.

And what is better than snacking while spending time together with family?

This spirit of togetherness in Ramadan underlies Pocky; a well-known biscuit sticks brand from Glico to launched the #BukaPockylah (Just open the Pocky) campaign. Through this campaign, Pocky is aimed to be the perfect companion for snacking occasions as well as bring smiles and happiness to families and friends, including Gojek users.

Therefore, Gojek launched a campaign that was specially designed to meet Pocky’s objectives in driving volume growth while maintaining a high level of brand awareness as the go-to-snack during Ramadan. This is what Gojek did with Pocky.

First, Pocky created special Ramadan promotions by giving attractive discounts for all Pocky’s variants and exclusives for GoMart purchase only. The discounted products were only available in selected stores which are Alfamart and Alfamidi. After that, Pocky promoted the campaign by utilizing every available customer discovery channel on GoMart such as homepage banner, merchant page banner, and promo carousel banner.

The GoMart homepage banner is located at the top of the page and holds premium visibility for advertisers. Thus, it will catch users' attention as well as increase purchase intention. To become the user’s top of mind, the promo banner can also be found on Alfamart and Alfamidi page on GoMart. On top of that, Pocky also promoted their top SKU in a limited-time promo banner located on the merchants’ page. This has stimulated a sense of urgency and encouraged users to make a purchase. Once the banner is clicked, users will be able to make purchases from the nearest Alfamart or Alfamidi and in just a few minutes, our driver partner will deliver the order to the user's doorstep.

To promote the campaign even further, Pocky ran digital ads with GoGAN to target GoMart active users in social media (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) with an average basket size around Rp50,000 - Rp100,000 per transaction. This segment is particularly relevant since they are familiar with the GoMart shopping experience, hence, it is easier to convert. 

Another major segment was users who have shown an interest and have purchased similar products to Pocky, such as biscuit and cookie on GoMart. By learning the insights from the past purchase data and users' behavior in transacting, thus we can formulate the most relevant audience segmentation for Pocky.

The targeted ad can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Once the ad is clicked, it will direct users to the Gojek app and open up the Pocky promo page on GoMart where users can discover and purchase the promoted SKU from the nearest merchant. This integration creates a seamless journey and leaves a delightful shopping experience for customers. For advertisers, it helps them to close the loop between the online ads and the actual sales generated. 

Pocky ran this campaign in GoMart for 4 weeks and the results are exceptional: 

The Pocky campaign was successful and the business objectives were met due to Gojek app versatility in creating a seamless customer journey that connects digital campaigns to direct online purchase, supported by a high-quality product and engaging marketing tactics, which resulted in an effective acquisition program. 

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