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Gojek’s Innovative Digital OOH Driving COVID-19 Awareness More Efficiently and Effectively

Gojek’s Innovative Digital OOH Driving COVID-19 Awareness More Efficiently and Effectively
Gojek / 9 Dec 2021

At the beginning of 2021, the pandemic situation in Indonesia is slowly recovering and people are allowed to get back to their routines while implementing strict health protocols. However, in July 2021 there was a surge in COVID-19 cases that required the government to impose Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM Darurat) in Java and Bali. 

In order to help the government reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the PPKM Darurat period and make a social impact on the community, one of the popular online news platforms in Indonesia conducted a social campaign to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining health and self-security. One of the chosen communication channels to spread the message is GoScreen, Gojek’s premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising service.

GoScreen has an excellent programmatic ads feature that allows GoScreen to customize content delivery according to the time and location of the audience and measure ad impressions in real-time, so that ads can be delivered more effectively, optimally, and on target. Through GoScreen, advertisers are not only able to achieve their campaign goals, but also are able to create more meaningful campaigns by participating in Gojek’s efforts to improve driver partners' well-being through the opportunity to earn additional income.

So how does GoScreen help the online news platform to reach its campaign goals?

Firstly Gojek started the campaign by identifying the area that meets the criteria set by the online news platform, which are predominantly sub-districts that are being surrounded by office buildings or areas with retail spaces dominated by people who are required to remain active during the PPKM Darurat period in the Greater Jakarta area. With a total of 50 sub-districts spread across the JABODETABEK area that are identified, the campaign was ready to run the broadcast. After that, Gojek helps choose the right driver-partners, who have travel history or often operated in each sub-district. Lastly, the online news platform provided impactful educational ad videos with a long duration, so that more users are exposed to the social messages being delivered. 

During the 7 days campaign period, the technology behind GoScreen manages to optimize the delivery of the ads across the targeted audience in the targeted sub-districts locations. Utilizing an effective hyperlocal campaign strategy with a combination of advanced technologies and a proprietary AI algorithm supporting the GoScreen product, we are able to further maximize the campaign exposure by identifying crowded traffic during busy hours of the day to ensure the highest reach possible for the campaign. Hence GoScreen has successfully maximized the spread of the campaign messages and reduced advertising budgets to be more efficient with GoScreen unique audience reach which applies transparent measurement technologies. 

From the above campaign summary, overall the performance achieved 130% from the target given across impressions served, getting more value from the campaign budget, and reaching the correct target audience through hyperlocal targeting. Moreover, the advertisers can also participate in improving Gojek driver partners' well-being by providing access to opportunities to earn additional income on top of the orders they got. 

Achieve your campaign goals and make your campaign more meaningful with Gojek's solutions. Please reach us at brandpartnership@gojek.com for more information and questions.