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Grow Your Business with Online to Offline (O2O) Strategy

Grow Your Business with Online to Offline (O2O) Strategy
Gojek / 23 Nov 2020

After 70 years of operating, UHA Mikakuto extended its footprint as a major confectionary company from their home base, Japan, to Indonesia and introduced Kororo, its premium gummy candy, in 2017. However, Kororo was faced with big challenges while penetrating the new international market: Kororo has low brand recognition and slow sales growth. The challenges threatened their product presence in the biggest retail chain, Alfamart.

To answer Kororo’s pain points, Gojek launched an Online to Offline (O2O) campaign designed to increase Kororo’s brand recognition & trust, as well as build a customer base for Kororo to drive offline sales at Alfamart. The campaign leveraged the ability of the Gojek platform to close the loop from discovery to transaction and connect consumers from digital to the physical world by leveraging GoPay. 

Know The Right Audience

Being in the new market, Kororo did not have a specific customer base, so the first step that Gojek took was to help Kororo define its target market. Every day, millions of Gojek’s users left digital footprints on the app as a high engagement platform. These consumer behaviors data allow Gojek to understand consumer interest and how to appeal to specific segments. Therefore, Gojek created custom audience segments for Kororo, which align with the campaign strategy and product analysis.

Right Message with The Right Channels

Gojek understands that the in-app promotion had to be creative to get the targeted audience to interact with the content. Based on Gojek’s learnings, users are highly engaged with a quiz or puzzle type of content gamification. Therefore, we designed a customized quiz gamification journey for Kororo in order to pique the targeted audiences’ interest and highlight the campaign on the Gojek homepage, which holds the highest traffic.

The Results

Kororo came to Gojek in February 2020 with only a mere 30% presence rate in Alfamart stores, and the campaign results were astonishing.

The versatility of the Gojek platform allows the integration of gamification into the banner landing page. This sets the campaign apart as there was an additional exciting component in the campaign to engage the users. The ability to link Alfamart vouchers in the journey was key to the success of this online to offline campaign. Overall, the combination of precise targeting, engaging creative strategy, and cutting-edge integrations of Gojek enabled the seamless campaign journey.

Kororo campaign was successful and the business objectives were met due to Gojek's ability to create a seamless end-to-end journey that connects digitally to the physical world, supported by a high-quality product, high-quality creative communication, and engaging marketing tactics, which resulted in an effective acquisition program.

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