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Online-to-Offline powered by Gojek Technology: A Breakthrough in Marketing and Advertising

Online-to-Offline powered by Gojek Technology: A Breakthrough in Marketing and Advertising
Gojek / 29 Sep 2021

Online-to-offline (O2O) is often referred to as the “holy grail” of advertising and marketing. While many platforms continue to advance their products to provide the advertisers a clear picture of the ads' performance and the overall users’ journey, there’s still a gap to fill. 

Does it contribute to sales?

Offline conversion represents a major leap forward toward accomplishing the widely held goal of complete marketing attribution models. In today’s digital landscape, advertisers increasingly demand measurement and verifiable actions as part of their digital efforts. They will begin moving beyond performance metrics such as reach, impressions, click-through rate, and cost-per-click. Instead, the ability to connect the ad's click to the actual purchases. This matters for advertisers because it may allow them to measure the effectiveness of their online campaigns, thus optimizing their digital strategies to achieve a better ROI.

A similar challenge is also experienced by CLEAR; a well-known shampoo brand from Unilever. CLEAR wants to know how their online ads translate into real-world sales. To address the challenges faced by CLEAR, Gojek launched an Online to Offline campaign for CLEAR powered by Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN). This campaign allows CLEAR to reach customers, drive engagement, and increase product trial by giving a GoPay discount voucher which can be redeemed for CLEAR purchase in every Alfamart outlet. You will be surprised at how seamless and effective this strategy was! 

Determining the right audience was crucial for an online-to-offline (O2O) campaign. Therefore, Gojek created custom audience segments for CLEAR based on their campaign objectives and product analysis to deliver impactful campaign results. The first segment to reach was Gojek active users who have purchased CLEAR and other similar products whether it's on GoMart or direct purchase in the convenience stores using GoPay as the payment method. The next segment was users who have participated in a similar campaign, this segment is believed to potentially increase the redemption rate because they are familiar with online-to-offline (O2O) shopping experience. 

We connect with these segments utilizing the Gojek social media ads on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Once the ad is clicked, it will redirect users to the Gojek app where they can instantly access the voucher which will be available on the “My Voucher” page. Users can redeem it for any purchase of CLEAR Men Cool Sport Menthol and CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol at the nearest Alfamart using the GoPay payment method. 

Despite the fact that the campaign was run in the midst of enforcement of public activity restrictions {PPKM), the results were very impressive! 

Gojek’s online-to-offline is an absolute goldmine in today’s competitive landscape. The combination of brand-focused strategy, engaging marketing tactics, and Gojek's ability to entice users within the digital environment to make purchases from physical stores in a seamless journey is the key to the success of this campaign. 

Thrive in the new era of marketing with shoppable advertising powered by Gojek! Please contact brandpartnership@gojek.com for more information and inquiries.