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How WOODS' Lozenges Uses O2O for Better Sales in Retail Stores

How WOODS' Lozenges Uses O2O for Better Sales in Retail Stores
Gojek / 16 Aug 2022

The Background

During the pandemic, there was a soaring demand for medicated candy products, which also inspired product innovation. With throat discomfort becoming a common symptom of a weakened immune system, throat lozenges are often used as a quick relief. Under a category where it is all about product effectiveness, WOODS' Lozenges brand grasped this market opportunity. 

WOODS' has been a trusted brand in consumer health for 100 years. One of WOODS’ brand portfolios in medicated candy is WOODS' Lozenges, which introduced its newest invention with an improved formula to win the opportunity in the market: Lemon lozenges with vitamin C 90 mg.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive market within the lozenge candy product category, WOODS' Lozenges understood that they had to raise awareness of their product which would bring their brand top of mind to consumers. 

WOODS' Lozenges needed to expand their audience base and engage them, which would ultimately generate trials and drive sales. They saw the opportunity to reach a larger audience through Gojek platform, and to elevate in-store promotion features that would drive transactions in Alfamart, their main retail channel. 

Gojek helped answer their pain points by launching an Online-to-Offline (O2O) campaign. The breakthrough of Gojek O2O empowered WOODS' Lozenges Lemon Vitamin C to score their campaign goals: Awareness, conversion, and insights for optimized audience targeting. 

The Solution

As the core foundation of the activation, we built custom audience segments to help WOODS' Lozenges define its target market and reach the right audiences for the campaign. 

This campaign was launched nationwide, demonstrating the presence of WOODS' Lozenges brand as well as Gojek solutions available throughout Indonesia.

An O2O campaign needs a unique factor to catch the audience's attention and encourage them to engage with it. WOODS' Lozenges Lemon Vitamin C made sure their target audiences received their brand message “Legakan tenggorokanmu!” (Relieve your throat) through the campaign.

WOODS' went the extra mile by offering a unique product redemption for Rp1, so that everyone could get their hands on WOODS' Lozenges Lemon Vitamin C. This approach was taken seeing people were worried over the slightest throat discomfort in this current climate. 

The journey kicked off on social media through Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN) where WOODS' Lozenges reached their audiences with the relevant messaging before moving them down the funnel. Highly potential audiences could see the Rp1 voucher information on their feeds and were encouraged to engage. All social media activations brought audiences back to the Gojek app, where users redeemed the product by paying Rp1 using GoPay in the nearest Alfamart. 

The Results

Gojek’s across-the-board ability in precise targeting and digital vouchers distribution that linked to a physical retail store helped WOODS' Lozenges drive online activation and measure the actual leads generated, while leaving a delightful experience for audiences. 

Check out this video to find out more about this campaign: 

The Insights 

The O2O campaign engages audiences in a shortened full-funnel journey, connecting the mobile campaign to the offline stores. 

The core of this strategy is to find potentials in the digital space and bring them to the real-world stores. O2O leverages the edges of both worlds and compliments one another. Brick-and-mortar stores spur higher sales since customers tend to buy extra things in-store in addition to their first listed products.

Meanwhile, online channels make collecting insights more effective, which can lead to converting and nurturing leads. Adding the digital advertisements into the strategy, it becomes massively influential to the consumer experience from discovery to conversion. 

The WOODS' Lozenges O2O ad acceptance and Click-through Rate (CTR) successfully increased in-store footfall, thanks to high relevance between the social media placement, mobile voucher, and the right audience segments – bringing the O2O concept to life. 

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