How Hyperlocal DOOH Campaign in Retail Stores Delivers Sales Growth for Kraft Heinz
How Hyperlocal DOOH Campaign in Retail Stores Delivers Sales Growth for Kraft Heinz
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

In a world where online shopping has seen a growth spike, people are starting to be at ease with the idea of returning to stores. A recent study by Bazaarvoice found that of 82% shoppers preferred buying in-store at retailers when purchasing Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products. 

The importance of in-store experience in the light of hybrid consumers is heightened by intent-rich moments. Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media provides brands and retailers to reach consumers on the path to purchase. With physical retailers, programmatic technology screens inside the stores become essential. 

This intrigues Kraft Heinz as they embarked on in-store GoScreen campaigns – the ability to reach shoppers during key touchpoints throughout the customer journey.

A hyperlocal experience

DOOH technology reinvents hyperlocal advertising in how brands connect with consumers with more effective and relevant content. GoScreen helped Kraft Heinz to reach out directly to their customers and have more impactful encounters in supermarkets within the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek).

Mia Fawzia, Head of Media & Ecommerce Marketing, Kraft Heinz Indonesia, said that the team was excited to continue on further partnership opportunities with GoScreen’s advanced technology features by utilizing beacon technology. This technology will give brands a stronger ads retargeting capability, therefore offering brands crucial analytics to inform business.

This latest feature will also optimize the location level data, which will be important in planning experiential marketing to help ensure higher engagement and footfall conversions. 

Combined with contextual moments and communication that lead to a call to action, this DOOH medium helps the brand to engage with audiences outside their current demographics and retarget them within the consumer journey.

Shopper’s buying mode

With interest rising in GoScreen DOOH media, brands discover the value in reaching consumers where they are. While shoppers stroll around, the displays can excite them with messaging of discounts and promotions. With the right message, it is effective to influence them while their buying intent is high.

Today, a single channel is no longer a viable strategy for retailers. Creating an engaging experience is now sought after to bring a unique experience for shoppers. 

While traditional promotions on the shelves work to encourage decision-making, they are not measurable. Kraft Heinz needed to push sales of both best-selling and newly launched SKUs. Now they can do that by looking into insights of consumers purchasing behavior. DOOH helps the brand’s full-funnel strategy impacting awareness, consideration, and conversion.

By implementing DOOH, Kraft Heinz was able to look into the campaign exposure to identify the sales uplift for their promoted SKUs. 

Complete the omnichannel approach

In the current shift of brand loyalty, brands can raise top-of-mind to reach a wide range of audiences and promote their products through GoScreen. On top of that, customers value the incomparable in-store buying experience. 

Integrating the DOOH media with Gojek ecosystem during a shoppable moment in the store also helps to tie online to offline brand activations and allows Kraft Heinz to connect with the right audiences. 

Another winning strategy is while shoppers may not purchase something they see on screen the first time around, they are more likely to buy at the next visit, as they may still remember the messaging. 

Its ease of use, flexibility, creative canvas, and agility make it a convincing platform for brands and advertisers to maintain their relevance in an effort to attract and keep buyers.

Boosting sales for in-store products

Brands can create personalized, interactive, and engaging content on the programmatic screen that is placed at the most relevant locations to their target groups. It can be at the mall's entrance or at the supermarket’s aisle where consumers will intuitively see, which eventually the message will influence the purchase decision.

GoScreen Retail technology enables brands to not only track the campaign performance in real-time, but also to reach users recorded from total impressions to retarget through online channels. The campaign was uniquely positioned to drive sales by providing the strategic placement of GoScreen at the point of purchase. Not to mention, it is a cost-effective solution where the brand's campaign is located right at their aisle in the supermarket which leads to better sales for the promoted products. 

Kraft Heinz’s campaign with GoScreen Retail goes beyond awareness and reach. It helps bring a spotlight to their products and drives more sales for promoted SKUs. The impact is further quantified by measuring the sales attributed to DOOH media in-store exposure. Most importantly, the brand is able to track the impact on their sales uplift after the campaign, hence they will discover the value of their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). This makes GoScreen DOOH’s post-campaign report on sales lift effective and easy to understand.

As the shopping landscape continues to evolve following a change in consumer behavior and innovation in marketing technology, DOOH will be an important medium in expanding audiences on a larger scale as well as connecting with them at the right locations. 

The path forward to a unified experience

Despite people still buying goods in stores in the online shopping era, brands should engage shoppers to ensure they end up buying their products offline. Retail advertising plays a crucial role in the promotion of a consumer brand and has proven to influence purchase choices.

Purchase decisions are made when shoppers, your products, and your creative messaging are in the right place at the right time. 

With shopper’s brand loyalty easily swayed, retailers and consumer brands involved in physical stores should ask, how can stores cater to today’s consumers? What do consumers look for from in-store shopping? How can brands bring a seamless offline shopping experience that is consistent with online commerce? 

As part of GoScreen offerings, DOOH media becomes essential in the omnichannel strategy that helps brands gain top-of-mind across the physical and digital commerce. 

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