How Kopiko Lucky Day drives reach and awareness with GoFood sampling and Gojek Ads Network
How Kopiko Lucky Day drives reach and awareness with GoFood sampling and Gojek Ads Network
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

The Background

Kopiko is a vanguard of coffee confectionery in Indonesia, produced by Mayora, which was first introduced in 1982. Available in more than 80 countries, Kopiko never stops innovating to continue being the market leader in coffee products and having a sustainable competitive advantage. 

In recent years, Kopiko Lucky Day offered a new taste in its ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee beverage variant. It serves a bold and creamy flavor of a Thailand iced coffee style. With this product innovation, Kopiko Lucky Day further grasped the opportunity in the coffee culture among Indonesians. 

The Challenge

The shelf-stable coffee beverage category has grown progressively more competitive. Numerous coffee beverage products have entered the market earlier. The brand knew it would compete against the other existing RTD products with comparable positions around taste, value, and accessibility. 

Our task at hand was to help drive awareness and establish a distinct presence of Kopiko Lucky Day with its unique positioning as an energy-boosting coffee drink.

The Solution

It’s essential to create value in the minds of consumers when introducing a new product in a competitive storable coffee beverage market. 

We activated a product sampling campaign through GoFood to build brand awareness and generate interest in the Kopiko Lucky Day by partnering with GoFood merchants, including MSMEs. With Gojek’s unique ecosystem, Kopiko Lucky Day was able to target relevant merchants' categories to bring the coffee over to the aimed productive age customer segment in a specific location to enjoy Kopiko Lucky Day. 

With a total sampling of 20,000 items, Kopiko Lucky Day was distributed through GoFood participating merchants to consumer audiences at home within Jabodetabek area for 30 days within October 2021. 

To increase the product’s discoverability, the content was placed in the GoFood banner and GoGAN (Gojek Ads Network) social media platforms – on Instagram and Facebook. The digital displays extended the message frequency and reach, making Kopiko Lucky Day desirable whenever the audience spotted it.

The Results

Boosting brand awareness and delivering conversions were the primary goals, and this campaign gave just that. Our collaboration helped Kopiko Lucky Day to uphold their top brand rank from their acclaimed coffee confectionery to the growing RTD coffee space. 

The Insights

The popularity of coffee culture (“ngopi” in Indonesian) has opened an unlimited opportunity for brands to serve the wants and needs of consumers. With the variety of RTD coffee variants in the current market, reaching and keeping consumers while delivering a brand's distinctive value is not an easy task. Product sampling combined with digital campaigns is effective and measurable – a win for brands. This method is powered by actionable data-driven, allowing brands to get insights collected during the brand trial and capturing what consumers really look for in this category.

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