You Can Always Brighten Their Day by Giving More
You Can Always Brighten Their Day by Giving More
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Hi Gojekers,

Even if we decide to #stayathome, it does not mean that our activities must stop. You can still order food, shop for groceries, send those goods, and travel if it’s urgently needed. Your needs are met and behind all of those, there is a driver-partner who faithfully ushers in situations like this. That’s why we added a new option: if your GoPay balance is sufficient, you can give an extra tip up to IDR 100,000!

Their services cannot be measured by any words, indeed. Even so, we can always add a token of appreciation to brighten up their day. Our simple act of appreciation would mean so much for them. If they can provide the best service, you can also give more in one click.

Here's how you can give more and send words of encouragement for Gojek driver-partners:

  1. Open "Orders" in the Gojek application and click the icon on the top right to see your order history.
  2. Select the transaction that you want to #GiveMore
  3. Give a rating, choose the amount of tip you want to give and don't forget to write a message to support the driver!

Let’s appreciate and support Gojek driver-partners, the trust-keeper during the COVID-19 pandemic.