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Paying Gojek Services with Jago

Paying Gojek Services with Jago
Gojek / 29 Jul 2021

Hi Gojekers,

Gojek has something new! Now, you can pay for Gojek services, from GoFood, GoCar, GoRide, to GoTagihan with Jago. Have you tried it? With Jago, you will be free from top up and able to do better at managing expenses. Read below for more information!

What is Jago?

Jago is an app that can help you manage finance easier, collaborative, and innovative, so you will be able to live your life with family and friends even better! PT Bank Jago Tbk is registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Financial Services Authority / OJK), and is a participant in the Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (Deposit Insurance Corporation / LPS) guarantee program. Jago has various kinds of security features, which you can check here, to make transactions safer.

Benefits of Using Jago

Check below to find out the benefits you will get from Gojek and Jago’s collaboration:

  • Better at Managing Expenses

Jago pockets will help you separate your money based on expense categories, e.g “Food & Drink”, “Transportation”, or “Bills”. Link these pockets with Gojek services accordingly to make it easier to manage your expenses. Use “Food & Drink” pocket to pay for GoFood, “Transportation” pocket to pay for GoRide and GoCar, or “Bills” pocket to pay GoTagihan.

  • Free from Top Up

Jago pockets are linked to Gojek services as payment methods, so you won’t need to top up.

  • Checking Expenses

In every Jago pocket, you will be able to check expenses history easily.

If you haven’t opened a Jago account yet, click here and install the apps first. You don’t need to go to any branch office, it can be done from your phone. 

How to Open Jago Account

  1. Install Jago apps, click here.
  2. Start your registration.
  3. Fill your data and take a picture of your KTP (ID card).
  4. Jago will make a video call with you for data confirmation.
  5. Done! Your account is activated.

How to Create Jago Pockets

  1. Click payment method settings in Gojek apps.
  2. Click Pocket/Kantong.
  3. You will be directed to Jago apps to customize your Pockets.
  4. Go back to Gojek apps, now you only need to link Jago to Gojek services.

How to Link Jago with Gojek

  1. Click “Link” in the Jago section.
  2. Click "Ok, continue"
  3. Fill in your phone number & registered email address in Jago, then fill in your password.
  4. Fill in your Gojek PIN.
  5. Done! You will be able to use Jago pockets to pay for GoFood, GoCar, GoRide, GoBluebird, and GoTagihan.

How to Unlink Jago Pockets 

  1. Click the pockets you want to remove
  2. Click “Unlink” on desired Jago pockets.
  3. Done! Your Jago pocket is unlinked from Gojek.

Terms and Conditions

Before accessing or using Jago in Gojek apps, make sure you read these terms and conditions here

Don’t miss the hassle-free payment of Gojek services with Jago! You will be free from top-ups and be better at managing expenses! Click the button below to try!