GoPromo: Reach millions of consumers, grow your business
GoPromo: Reach millions of consumers, grow your business
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Today, businesses live in a rapidly changing world and must keep up with consumers’ dynamic needs. With people increasingly adopting digital habits in their daily lives with ease, businesses need to refine their digital and marketing strategies to connect with them. 

At Gojek, we design business solutions and bring together the capabilities needed to help you better engage with your customers, merchant partners, and service providers while enabling your business to grow and thrive in the digital age.

We are excited to bring you GoPromo, an advertising, discounting, and promotion solutions offering a suite of digital marketing tools through in-app platform and out-app channels for advertisers, merchants, and agencies. 

GoPromo presents full-fledged marketing solution capabilities that allow advertisers to reach the relevant audience, build awareness, boost sales growth, and drive retention with remarketing and contextual campaigns. 

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GoPromo Solutions

GoPromo is your growth partner

GoPromo performance-driven solutions support businesses of all sizes to achieve your goals and deliver the outcomes that your business needs. More than that, GoPromo immerses your brand experiences to fit into the consumer journey seamlessly and subsequently get you results and insights to optimize your growth strategy. 

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