Connecting Samsung to Gojek Drivers Through GoPartner
Connecting Samsung to Gojek Drivers Through GoPartner
gojek / 24 Feb 2024

Driver partners have gone the extra mile in making consumers’ daily lives easier, from providing solutions to notorious big city traffic congestion, satiating hungry stomachs with easy and convenient food delivery, and delivering precious packages safely to their destination. Gojek, Indonesia’s leading technology company, strives to create sustainable livelihoods for its driver partners and provides them with the support they need to best serve consumers. 

To help driver partners maintain their productivity, Gojek has introduced the GoPartner app, a primary communications tool between Gojek and driver partners which connects more than 2 million Gojek drivers in Southeast Asia and enables them to move fast and provide customers with the best service. 

The GoPartner app also provides services offered by other brands which may be useful and beneficial for the drivers. One great example is Samsung, which has used GoPartner as part of the brand’s digital campaign. Samsung activated their digital campaign on GoPartner with exclusive offers for driver partners in Indonesia to purchase a wide range of Samsung electronic products including smartphones, home appliances, TVs, air conditioners, and Air Purifiers. In other words, because of this GoPartner Samsung collaboration, driver partners have access to the best Samsung electronics all at a special price. So how does it work?

Using the GoPartner platform, Samsung’s exclusive promotions were amplified to reach and raise the awareness of the offers, to all driver partners on the platform during the selected campaign period. Drivers found out about the great Samsung offers through the customized in-app banners and push notifications as well as on the GoPartner app Help Center menu. Gojek even communicated the Samsung offers directly to all driver partners at offline events (Kopdar) during the campaign period.

And how do driver partners redeem the offer? 

All communication channels used by Samsung to promote the exclusive offers on the GoPartner app are integrated with Samsung’s selected e-commerce partner. All drivers interested in taking advantage of the offers received a unique code by clicking the promo ad that can be redeemed when checking out their selected Samsung Electronics products at the e-commerce platforms either by using their mobile app or through a website. The voucher discount is automatically deducted from the original price of the item. Very simple!

The GoPartner app creates a win-win situation for brands and for driver partners. The entire digital campaign process provides a seamless experience for driver partners to have access to great products and at the same time enables brands like Samsung to not only significantly increase the exposure of their products to new customers, but also to measure campaign effectiveness quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the digital campaign proved very successful within just 2 months!

Here are some of the highlights: 

The collaboration between Gojek and Samsung has created a meaningful impact and makes it one of the best brand initiatives for all driver partners across Indonesia. Moreover, Samsung has increased its electronics product sales and profiles by reaching out to driver partners using the GoPartner app and converting them into potential customers. 

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