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Get to Know GoClub Reward More

Get to Know GoClub Reward More
Gojek / 1 May 2022


Are you looking for information about what you can get with GoClub? Check out what Rewards or GoClub Rewards you can get per level in this article.

Rewards are different from Treasures.

Unlike Rewards, Treasures share various benefits that you can definitely get when you reach a level. You, as a GoClub user, can definitely buy all Rewards from GoClub if you continue to make transactions and collect XP (experience points). So, become a GoClub member now!

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Provisions Regarding Rewards At Each Level 

What is Priority Support?

  • We will respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints within 30 (thirty) minutes after receiving the complaint via email, in-app Help menu, and/or rating page.
  • We will resolve and respond to 'Anak Sultan' level members' complaints faster than users who are non-GoClub members and/or members with different levels, unless in urgent or sensitive cases.
  • We may experience limitations, delays, and other problems when resolving and/or responding to members' complaints. For example, force majeure, maintenance or disruption of our system and/or the level of difficulty and complexity of members' complaints. This may affect the timeframe for responding and resolving complaints just as stated in the GoClub Terms of Use. 
  • From time to time, we may inform members regarding the complaints handling changes through our communication channels.

What is Priority Booking?

We will prioritize orders for transportation services by 'Anak Sultan' level members over non-GoClub member users or members from different levels.

  • Valid for GoRide, GoRide Hygiene, GoCar, GoCar XL, GoCar Hygiene, and GoBluebird
  • Enjoy a 10% increase* in speed in getting drivers for bookings
  • This reward is automatically applied each time members make an order for the services mentioned above.
  • Members can enjoy these rewards with no time constraints, minimum booking rate, and/or the number of bookings. This reward applies in Indonesia, in areas where the services above are operable.

* Compared to non-Anak Sultan members

How to get 100% GoPay Cashback?

Starting July 1, 2022, 'Anak Sultan' and 'Juragan' members will get a special GoPay voucher every month on the first Friday. The voucher is valid for 7 (seven) days from the first Friday to Thursday.

  • Voucher Recipient
    • This reward will be sent to members who are already 'Juragan' and 'Anak Sultan' by 00.00 WIB on the first Friday of the month.
    • GoClub has the right to hold, cancel, and/or withdraw the rewzrd from members and/or merchants if we find any abusive, fraudulent, and/or suspicious activities.
  • Voucher Allocation
    • This reward will be gradually rolled out every first Friday of the month starting at 00.00 WIB and will be valid for 7 days until next Thursday at 23.59 WIB. The Rewards will be allocated in the form of:
      • 3 (three) x Rp10.000 GoPay cashback voucher for Juragan
      • 3 (three) x Rp20.000 GoPay cashback voucher for Anak Sultan
    • If members haven't received the reward on the first Friday, we advise you to wait for 2x24 hours for the allocation process to be completed gradually and to check the 'Promo' page regularly.
    • If the reward is still not received after 2x24 hours, members can submit a ticket through Help Center no later than 7 days from the first Friday of the month. We will then process the voucher allocation based on the review results of this ticket.
    • If voucher allocation is delayed, the voucher will still be valid for 7 days, including the day when the voucher is successfully allocated to members.
  • Voucher Redemption
    • During the promo period, a 100% GoPay cashback voucher can be used at Offline (Alfamart, Alfamidi, Hokben, McDonald’s Shell, Secure Parking) and Online merchants (Google Play). GoClub has the right to change the amount of cashback value and/or business partners participating in this promo as we notify you from time to time through the communication media we choose.
    • This reward only applies to transactions that are paid using GoPay.
    • This reward applies without a minimum spending requirement. But with a maximum cashback value of Rp10.000 per voucher for ‘Juragan’ and Rp20.000 per voucher for ‘Anak Sultan’.
    • Each voucher can only be used 1 (one) time during the monthly voucher period (the first Friday of the month until the following Thursday).
    • Vouchers can be automatically applied or manually selected depending on merchants and method of payment, as follows:
      • Google Play: 
        • Payment at online merchant, automatically-applied
        • Click here for payment tutorial
      • Alfamart, Alfamidi: 
        • Payment via barcode, automatically-applied
        • Click here for the payment tutorial
      • Secure Parking: 
        • Payment via QR code, automatically-applied
        • Click here for payment tutorial
      • McDonald’s, Hokben, Shell: 
        • Payment via QR code, manually-selected
        • Click here for payment tutorial
  • Voucher application
    • Automatically-applied voucher is selected based on: 1) Closest expiry date, 2) Highest value. 
    • Manually-selected vouchers can be applied on the checkout page before confirming payment.
    • To ensure that the voucher redeemed is from GoClub, you can always go to “My Voucher” page and click “Use” on GoClub voucher before making the payment 
    • Used vouchers can not be withdrawn/canceled/refunded.
    • Transactions made during the promotion period but without applying the voucher will not be eligible for cashback.
    • In the case where GoPay transactions can be completed due to suspicious activity by customers, there will be no compensation in terms of voucher period extension or voucher reallocation
    • Cashback can be canceled if the total transaction amount in members' GoPay accounts has exceeded the monthly limit established by the Regulator (Rp20,000,000/month to date).
  • We will always communicate with members through our communication channels from time to time regarding this reward. If the member does not receive this information, he/she can find it on the "Promo" page in the Gojek application.

How is access to events from GoTix free of charge?

  • 'Anak Sultan' members have the opportunity to get access to certain events in collaboration with GoTix at no cost.
  • The access offered can be in the form of tickets for concerts, cinemas, attractions, or others. The availability of the opportunity to get tickets for the event is at our discretion.
  • We make no guarantees regarding the availability and timing of ticket offers. We will inform each ticket offer via notifications on the application.
  • The supply of tickets offered is limited and the number may vary for each event. We will prioritize members who claim tickets early. members can only claim 1 (one) ticket for each event and cannot claim tickets if the ticket is no longer available.
  • When a member opens a notification about a ticket offer, the member will be directed to the ticket claim page where the member's personal data information will be filled in automatically and cannot be changed. If needed, the member needs to fill in the additional information requested for the purpose of the ticket being claimed. To claim tickets, members need to click the “Book Now” button. Tickets that have been claimed are non-refundable.
  • After the ticket claim is successful, the e-voucher will be sent via electronic mail that has been registered by the member on the Application. E-vouchers can be valid as tickets or can be exchanged for tickets according to the instructions provided and valid.
  • Changes in personal data information on the e-voucher can be made by contacting the Customer Support Counter by telephone to +6221 80600 822 or by e-mail to support@loket.com.

Terms and Conditions

  • We do not provide any guarantees and do not assume any responsibility in connection with the organization of the event, including the type, location, place, schedule, filler and anything related to the organization of the event, either directly or indirectly.
  • We are not responsible for any tariffs, fees or other fees beyond what we expressly offer.
  • We make no warranties and assume no responsibility whatsoever for any results arising from the use of tickets and in connection with the event.
  • The event organizer may impose additional terms and conditions with respect to the event and/or tickets.

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