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Use ‘Add Destination Feature’ So You Can Complete Up to Three Tasks by Going Out Once

Use ‘Add Destination Feature’ So You Can Complete Up to Three Tasks by Going Out Once
Gojek / 18 Jun 2020

Hi Gojekers, 

During any given situation, we always try to give the best service for you. Even in challenging conditions like COVID-19 pandemic, we continuously strive to provide ways for you to travel safely and comfortably when needed. Introducing Add Destinations as one of the solutions to ease your trip.

With the ‘Add destination’ feature, you only need to order GoRide/GoCar service once to go to 3 different places suited to your needs. Just with one order, you can now complete 3 tasks (or all at once. By minimising the frequency of contact, you reduce any safety risk that might occur. 

This is how you can use Add Destinations in GoRide/GoCar services:

To enjoy this feature you need to update your Gojek app to the latest version 


  1. How much additional cost in each destination will I be charged for? 

Excluding trip fee based on distance, there’s an additional cost that will be charged per destination:

  • For GoRide is Rp3.000
  • For GoCar is Rp8.000
  1. How many destinations can I add in every GoRide or GoCar booking? 

You can add-up to three destinations in total. 

  1. How long can my driver wait at each stop?

Driver-partners can wait up to 5 minutes in each stop.

  1. What if I want to change my destination, using the Edit Destination feature?

Currently, Add Destination and Edit Destination features can’t be used together.

  1. Can I change the destination during the trip?

You can’t change the destination after your order is confirmed. If you want to change it, you must make a new booking.

  1. I have booked a trip with 3 destinations, can I end the order earlier before reaching the 3rd one?

Yes, you can. You can end the trip even before reaching the 3rd stop, but you will be charged with the full amount. 

With the new Add Destination feature in GoRide and GoCar services, you can be more productive and stay safe by minimizing interaction. #ThereIsAlwaysAWay to stop by a few destinations in one booking.