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Your Privacy is guaranteed with our new Phone Number Masking feature

Your Privacy is guaranteed with our new Phone Number Masking feature
Gojek / 21 Apr 2020

Hi Gojekers,

In order to give the best experience for you in your journey, Gojek has run a variety of innovative solutions for your various needs. As a proof of Gojek’s commitments to secure your personal data, Gojek introduces Phone Number Masking feature that will gradually become available for all customers on GoRide, GoCar, GoCar L and GoFood services.

What is Phone Number Masking 

This feature comes to answer the need for personal data security to every Gojek customer. 

Simply stated, the presence of a phone number masking in the Gojek application means that when you communicate with our driver-partner via telephone, both your number and the driver-partner will be hidden. You and your driver-partner will be shown a masked number instead which means better privacy for all. No need to worry if during the order process, you receive a call from a masked number (for example beginning with +6221-XXX), because the driver's phone number is also disguised in order to maintain the confidentiality of both parties.

How phone number masking works:

Before you try this new feature, don't forget to update your Gojek application to the latest version.

Order the GoRide / GoCar / GoCar L / GoFood service via Gojek application

Use the mobile number registered in the application for calling the driver-partner

With this feature, your phone number will be automatically randomized and your driver-partner could call your current mask number which is only valid on the trip during booking. 

After clicking the previous button, you will be directed to your driver-partner mask number. 

Therefore, your actual phone number and driver-partner will not be shown. Both of you will see a masked number instead (eg,+6221-XXX).

Important notes:

  • Make sure you contact the driver using ONLY via the 'Call' button in the Gojek application.
  • The masked number you see is only valid during the trip. You won't be able to contact the driver-partner with the same number after completing your GoRide/GoCar/GoCar L or GoFood booking order.
  • In a GoRide/GoCar/GoCar L order, if you intend to call from a different number on the application, you can access it by clicking 'Change' after you click 'Call' button and follow the process.
  • This feature will be gradually accessible for all Gojek users.
  • Rates may vary according to your provider

The presence of number masking feature in Gojek app provides security and comfort for loyal customers of GoCar, GoRide, GoCar L and GoFood services. Through this feature, you don't need to worry about the security of your personal data. #ThereIsAlwaysAWay for a safer riding experience. Open your Gojek app and try this feature now!